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Give The Gift of Citrus With LUSH Christmas Party Gift Set

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Why does all the best stuff have to come out around Christmas time? I mean sure, it’s great to make a wish list with it but it makes it nearly impossible to go to the mall to shop for presents and not buy something for yourself! Case and point, this Lush Christmas Party gift set that is for, yep you guessed it, ME.

I recently stopped into my local Lush shop when I got bored of waiting for my Fiancé to come out of EB Games. I had the best of intentions. I was going to pick up a Rose Jam (like I do every Holiday season) and be on my merry way (pun intended). BUT NO. Since my local Lush ladies know my face, they know that I’m probably going to buy any new release they have to show me and guess what, they’re usually right. This trip was no exception when one employee pulled out a bright yellow bottle of something that smelled like one of my favourite Holiday candies, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

LUSH Christmas Party Gift Set


LUSH Christmas Party Gift Set – $27.95 CAD

Another saying any sales associate can say to make me buy things? Well, besides the obvious “Limited Edition”, “Exclusive Preview” gets me every. freaking. time. You’d think with my Psychology degree I would know better than to fall into these marketing traps (which I know they are) but instead, I’m the perfect customer – Read: take all my money.

Since the Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream included in this set won’t be available until January 2016, it was pretty much a given that I had to have this amazing smelling, neon-yellow lusciousness. I actually didn’t even care what was in the rest of this box (it’s Lush, duh, I’ll love it!) and was pleasantly surprised with the other contents!


Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream – (Probably $9.95-$28.95 Not Yet Available)

I don’t know what to say about this other than, “You need it” and “Go get it”. If you’re a fan of velvety soft skin and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, run – don’t walk to get one of these sets! This shower cream is only available (at the moment) in Lush’s Christmas Party, Spectacular and Happy Christmas sets (Here’s a link to Julie from Swatch & Review’s latest review of it!). I can’t wait until it’s full-size and hopefully permanent!

While we’re talking about making things permanent, how about Rose Jam while you’re at it, Lush? 😉 


LUSH Celebrate Hand And Body Lotion – $32.95 (220g)

To be honest with you, I have some mixed feelings about this one. Usually I love all of Lush’s hand and body butters and although I love the hydration and mix of beneficial oils in this formula, the scent is just a bit overwhelming for me. While it may not be my cup of tea, that’s not to say you won’t love the super citrusy mix of Lime, Orange Flower and Benzoin oils. Another thing I do love about this cream is it doesn’t contain parabens, which have been a common concern among LUSH fans for some time now and the reason they made their Ocean Salt, Dream Cream, Mask of Magnaminty and Charity Pot with all new Self-Preserving formulations. It’s great to see LUSH really listens to their customers concerns and keeps improving their formulas! As if I needed a reason to love them more.


Celebrate is a thick and rich formula featuring an almond oil and cocoa butter base and is perfect for dry, itchy winter skin. It is Limited Edition and only available during the Holidays so if you love this scent and formulation I suggest picking up a couple tubs to get you through the rest of the year!


LUSH Baked Alaska Soap – $7.95 (100g)

I rarely use bar soaps, especially with my growing collection of shower gels, but this one just might change my mind! LUSH’s Baked Alaska is made to look like a giant snowball before it’s cut, then shows it’s “true colours” when you get a fresh slice. It’s super refreshing smell is based with Lemon Myrtle, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang for a super uplighting shower or bath experience. It’s scent is interesting, somewhere between sweet, floral and sour (if that’s possible) and can make my mouth water! (You know when you imagine eating sour candy and you get a spit-rush in your mouth? Like that.) It’s perfect for waking yourself up on those dark winter mornings and gives skin enough moisture so you aren’t left feeling dry. The only downfall is it can be a bit crumbly and messy, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for being awake and smelling sweet!


LUSH Christmas Party Gift Set
$27.95 CAD
Available at:
Overall Rating: B+

While citrus may not be a scent to associate with Christmas parties and the holiday season, I think it’s a perfect addition to spicy cinnamon, sweet sugar cookie and all the other traditional holiday scents! So, my question to you is – have you bought yourself any pre-Christmas presents? How do you resist when you go to the mall to buy for someone else and see something amazing for yourself? I need to know!