Dec 04 2015

[GIVEAWAY] Softlips Luxe Winter Lips Prize Pack

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Hello again dear readers! Today I have to share with you an awesome giveaway from Softlips Canada! You may remember my last Softlips giveaway (which was a huge success) so we decided to do it again just in time for the Holiday Season to make sure your lips are kissably soft (just incase there’s any mistletoe hanging around)!

The newest addition to the Softlips line is Softlips Luxe 5-in-1 Lip Moisturizer ($4.67 Each).They’re available in two brand new flavours, Silky Shea and Creamy Coconut and both contain amazing hydrating ingredients like Vitamins A, C & E, Shea Butter and Coconut oil. I personally struggle with dry lips for nearly 9 months of year so I’m always looking for the next best thing in lip hydration!

Soft Lips Luxe 5-in-1 Lip Moisturizers

Much like their cubed-shaped cousins, Softlips Luxe also provide 5-in-1 benefits to your lips each time you apply. These 5 lip loving benefits are:

  1. Hydration – Nourishing with butters & coconut oil

  2. Replenishment – With Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E

  3. Smoothing – The lightweight formula glides over lips and keeps them silky

  4. Protection – Replenishes skin’s moisture barrier to protect against future dryness

  5. Adds Shine – Provides a radiant finish

Since it can be hard to keep a cube in your pocket for on the go touch-ups, I’m glad Softlips decided to go back to the tube form! The see-through, slim packaging is perfect for carrying with you and the lid stays on securely, even if it’s rolling around in the bottom of your purse! So if you’re looking for an affordable, delicious new lip balm this winter, you’ll definitely want to check out Softlips Luxe!

But, so you don’t have to go out in the snow and buy any, I’m giving away a prize pack full of Softlips goodies – delivered right to your door! To enter, fill out the Gleam widget below. This contest is open to CANADA ONLY and one (1) winner will walk away with a prize pack valued at $50 CAD containing:

  • (1) Softlips LUXE Lip Moisturizer in Creamy Coconut

  • (1) Softlips LUXE Lip Moisturizer in Silky Shea

  • (1) Softlips CUBE Lip Moisturizer in Fresh Mint

  • (1) Softlips Cube Lip Moisturizer in Peach Mango

  • (1) Softlips Cosmetics Bag

  • (1) Softlips Purse Mirror

Softlips Luxe Prize Pack

  • Maggie Cheung

    dry lips and skin! Soo annoying. =(

  • Allison

    dry lips that bleed 🙁

  • Julie-Lynne McCann

    Very dry skin & lips!!!

  • natasha s.

    dry skin. my fingertips crack, my lips crack.. BLAH!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  • billiondollarprincesss

    Dry skin

  • Chris Stockford

    Dry hands and lips!

  • Tony Lu

    My biggest problem is dry skin

  • Nicole Jubleew

    Dry sensitive skin

  • bcgirll

    These sound amazing! I could sure use them for my chapped lips in the wintertime!

  • Elena S

    Dry skin is always the battle

  • My hands and face get really dry.

  • jemrah

    dryness and redness

  • elaing8

    I get extremely dry hands.

  • Brittany Boyd

    ugh chapped lips

  • Shari D

    My biggest winter skin woe is chapped bleeding lips!

  • jonnieh

    Chapped lips and dry elbows are my big winter skin woes

  • cheryl hodgkins

    Cold nose and chapped lips

  • Amy Lyne

    Ouuu! I have seen these in stores and totally want to try! Can’t have too much lip balm for winter <3

    • 100% agree Amy! I have like 10 lip balms in my purse right now plus 3 in my jacket pocket…lol

  • selma90

    Dry hands, peeling lips.

    • Agreed! I just discovered a great hand cream though! I’ll be sharing it on the blog soon 🙂

  • Yuen C

    Dry and chapped lips that sometimes bleed.

    • Ugh same Yuen! I try to keep them covered in lip balm 24/7!

  • missbobloblaw

    My biggest winter woe is nasty dry skin on my hands.

    • I don’t spend much time outside in the winter so I don’t usually get too dry of hands…lips on the other hand!

  • Brenda Penton

    My biggest skin woe is dry hands and nails

    • My cuticles get really dry Brenda so I feel you there!

  • Jolie

    Biggest problem is dry skin and chapped lips,

    • Yes Jolie, I can agree with you on both of those!

  • Carol M

    Dry chapped lips

  • Tina L.

    My biggest winter woe is dry skin.

  • Monique L.S.

    My biggest winter concerns are chapped lips and dry hands.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      We’re all with you on those two Monique!

  • monica

    My biggest winter woe is definitely dry lips and hands

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Both very common concerns Monica!

  • heather sibley

    The Ottawa winter is brutal on my hands and lips.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      And it’s only going to get worse Heather *cries*

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    dry skin

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’ve been slathering myself in body oil all day Brenda!

  • maria

    Super dry skin!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I hear you Maria! I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night itching my dry legs!

  • Kelley Moore

    My biggest winter problem is dry hands

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I have that problem with my cuticles! They always look dry and ragged 🙁

  • Karla Sceviour

    I get dry skin in the wintertime,especially my hands!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’m lucky that this isn’t something that plagues me! Even the guys in my office are complaining about it lately lol

  • Piroska

    My biggest woe is dry, cracked lips. Ouch!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Ugh, same Piroska! It’s the worst 🙁

  • Rebby

    My skin is SO dry, I have dry patches all over, and lets not talk about the chapped lips! Yikes!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Ugh, I’m getting to be the same way! I’ve switched up my body wash and got a body conditioner from Lush, hopefully it will help!!

  • Jenny M

    I hate dry skin and dry hands

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Yes! So uncomfortable Jenny!

  • melanie barclay

    My hands get red and cracked and dry drives me crazy

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Oh no Melanie that sounds so painful 🙁

  • lori b

    super dry skin 🙁

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Such a common concern Lori! I’m going to have to do a dry skin giveaway next!

  • My biggest winter issue is very dry hands. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      You’ve very welcome Iris!

  • Amy C

    My skin gets really dry in the winter.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      It’s so hard to combat in these Canadian winters Amy!

  • Melanie

    Dry skin that can get itchy 🙁

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I hear you on that one! My fiance is the same way too 🙁

  • Cassie

    Ugh chapped lips and dry scalp

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’ve been noticing my scalp is getting really itchy lately Cassie! I don’t know what to do about it, I’ll have to find something 😉

  • Sonya J

    I get dry skin around my nose!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Oh yes! Especially if you have a cold and are using a lot of Kleenex!

  • Darlene Schuller

    My biggest winter woe is dry cracked lips/feet/hands. I have found since turning over 40 my skin seems more easily dried….

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Absolutely Darlene, skin gets drier with age and it needs more moisture to stay hydrated 🙂

  • Debbie F

    dry skin and chapped lips are my winter woes

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Yep! Lips are my worst 🙁

  • margaux retrophiliac

    Dry Skin, for sure

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’m itching my legs as we speak Margaux 🙁

  • Amy M

    My biggest winter skin woe is dry hands!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Try applying an oil (like Coconut or Argan) before your hand cream Amy, it’ll give you and extra boost of hydration!

  • Ursula

    Dry skin never takes a break all seasons of the year for me and my family!


    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Ugh so frustrating! I get quite oily in the Summer so I get a bit of a break 😛

  • My lips get ridiculously dry- drives me nuts! So do my legs actually.. my shins. 🙁

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Same Heather! I pretty much just say bye-bye to lipstick once September hits…

  • angela m

    My hands and lips get very dry and crack.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      If I miss even one day of lipbalm my lips will be bleeding by morning! 🙁

  • Lee-Ann

    My skin gets really dry and tight and flaky in the’s gross.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I hear you Lee-Ann! My shins are so dry I wake up at night scratching them!

  • Belinda McNabb

    my biggest winter problem is dry hands

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      My hands themselves don’t get too dry but my cuticles are pretty ragged! I apply lots of oil and cuticle balm overnight 🙂

  • Kayla Gilbert

    I have oily skin, yet during the Winter I struggle withr dehydration and cracked lips!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Winter is the worst lol my lips are never NOT chapped 🙁

  • Cheryl

    Dry lips for me for sure!! 🙁

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Same Cheryl! Unless I’m applying 50 times a day, there are no smooth lips in the winter!

  • Linda

    Biggest winter problem is dry lips !

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Amen sister!

  • Gillian Morgan

    The skin around my mouth and nose crack and bleed from the wind.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Every time I get a cold and have to use Kleenex a lot my nose cracks in the winter! It’s so painful! 🙁

  • Cheryl

    I have such dry skin

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      My legs have been the worst this year Cheryl! I’ve been moisturizing like nobodies business!

  • Alison Braidwood

    My biggest winter woe is dry, sensitive skin on my face. I tend to redness and walking to and from work in sub Arctic temperatures doesn’t help.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I had the same problem when I lived in Calgary Alison! 🙁

  • nicolthepickle

    My skin gets dry and itchy. I have to remember to moisturize.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Same…and I never remember lol

  • Juliee Fitze

    My worst problem is my dry skin.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Oils, Juliee! That’s the best way to get moisture back into your skin 🙂

  • Courtney

    I spend a lot of time outside so my lips are usually chapped

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I hear you Courtney, a good lip balm (or 20) is definitely key!

  • andrea amy

    chapped/cracked lips and very dry skin

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Same Andrea! I’ve had to switch up 90% of my skin care routine, body and face!

  • Viv Sluys

    Like so many others, my biggest winter skin woe is dry, chapped skin and lips.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      The joys of a Canadian winter 😉

  • Anne Taylor

    My skin and lips get super dry and itchy in the winter!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’m just starting to get the itch Anne! Time to moisturize more 🙂

  • I’ve never tried Softlips but I have such dry lips they all sound great! Good luck to the entrants!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      They’re pretty awesome Allison! I like their MaxiLip version too, I keep it at my desk at work 🙂

  • Florence C

    Dry skin is a big problem for me this time of year.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      A common concern here in Canada Florence! 🙂


    I get chapped lips and dry hands from all that hand washing

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      Ohh yes! Luckily my hands have actually been quite good this year (I’ve been moisturizing more) but I know the pain!

  • Rebecca H.

    Dry, cracked skin. Ouch!

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I rarely get cracked skin but man am I getting itchy Rebecca! haha

  • Kim Tanti

    My biggest skin problem is cracked and dry hands.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I don’t have the cracked skin on my hands but man my lips are in rough shape (pun intended)! lol

  • ivy pluchinsky

    my biggest problem in winter is chapped lips, and dry skin

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I hear you Ivy! It’s time to switch up skin are routines 🙂

  • Emily C

    My lips get very dry in Winter.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      A Softlips Prize Pack would definitely help with that 😉

  • Amy Heffernan

    Mine is dry skin! 🙁

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      I’m getting to that point too Amy! 🙁

  • Danielle

    My biggest problem in the winter is dry skin

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      A very common concern! I’m thinking I need to do a post on Winter Moisturizers soon 😉

  • Doris H

    My biggest winter woe is dry hands and dry lips.

    • Shaylee @ Cosmetically Curious

      You’ve got a lot of company on that one Doris! 😉