Get Clean & Clear, Pore Perfect Skin With This Simple Routine [SPONSORED]

Reviews and Swatches, Skin Care / Thursday, November 5th, 2015

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First off, let me start out by saying I’ve struggled with breakouts and blackheads since my early teens and I think I officially tried just about ever product on the drugstore shelves. I’ve since sort of abandoned my anti-acne routine (although I still break out frequently) for one with more anti-aging benefits (hey, I’m getting close to 30!) but when I was offered a chance to test out a Clean & Clear Routine from Crowdsocial, I jumped at the chance to re-discover some of my favourites!

Pore Perfect Routine

This routine is a three step system designed to remove dirt and makeup, fight blackheads and leave your skin feeling moisturized and fresh. It consists of Clean & Clear Deep Cream Cleanser, Blackhead Clearing Astringent and Dual Action moisturizer to give you exactly what the brand states – Clean & Clear skin!


Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser – $6.99 CAD (192ml)

Okay you guys, seriously. The scent of this stuff brings me straight back to middle school and I couldn’t love it more! I used to use this religiously when I was younger and now I’m wondering why I ever left it behind. It has such a refreshing tingling effect that lingers on your skin for a good while after you rinse and it does a really good job of removing face makeup but I can’t stress enough not to use it on your eyes! Besides having to use a separate cleanser or makeup remover for mascara and shadow, this has yet again become a staple on my bathroom sink. I’m truly addicted to the way it smells and feels!


Another great thing about this cleanser is that it rinses very cleanly leaving behind skin that feels deep cleaned but not tight. I like to use it with my Konjac sponge to make sure I remove it all, and get a bit of exfoliation in the process!


Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Astringent – $6.99 CAD (235ml)

Honestly, the word astringent terrifies me! When I hear that word I instantly think of something super drying, irritating and intense. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I tried this out for the first time as if left my skin feeling really clean, and toned but not overly dry. Although there is alcohol in this toner, which I generally avoid in my skin care products, it is located at the bottom of the ingredient list and is behind a few pretty good hydrating ingredients.


I can see how this astringent would be beneficial for those suffering with moderate to severe acne but if you have combination to oily skin it may be a bit drying for you. Another option would be to use this as a spot treatment since the salicylic acid will do a great job of warding off blemishes and avoid using it on drier areas of your skin.


Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer – $7.99 CAD (118ml)

Last, but certainly not least in the regime is a super hydrating, but incredibly lightweight moisturizer. This is another product that I loved as a teen and continue to love today! When you struggle with acne it’s really easy to want to steer clear of any moisturizers but the truth is you need moisture for your skin to function properly and be able to fight the acne causing bacteria. Using moisturizer regularly will help your skin become healthier and overtime, less blemished.


Not only does this moisturizer hydrate skin, it also fights blemishes with a hefty dose of salicylic acid as well. You won’t want to use a large amount of this cream at one time though because the active ingredients can become drying. Personally, salicylic acid is one of my favourite skin care ingredients because it has so many benefits! It exfoliates deep down into pores to help clear blackheads, prevents future breakouts and makes skin more even toned.

Another unconventional way I use this moisturizer is to fight razor burn (which I get horribly). Applying it after shaving prevents the formation of razor burn and soothes skin – talk about dual action 😉

Overall, I think this is a great routine for anyone struggling with mild-moderate acne or blackhead problems. The cleanser and the moisturizer could work well for almost any skin type and you can’t go wrong with such affordable and effective products!


Clean & Clear Perfect Pore Routine
Cleanser, Astringent, Moisturizer
$6.99-$7.99 CAD
Available at: Drugstores
Overall Rating: B+