Jul 20 2015

Fable Naturals will Moisturize & Buff Skin and Perfect Your Pout - And You Can Win it!

Fable Naturals Review

I’m obsessed with skin care. I’m even more obsessed with natural, fair-trade and Canadian made skin care. That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you one of my new favourite brands, Fable Naturals. Fable Naturals is s small skin care company based in Vancouver, BC that’s focus is on healthy and fair-trade ingredients that give your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. They have pure and simple formulas and sustainable packaging which makes for a great combination of both eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Let’s look into a few things I was lucky enough to receive for a review, and then get to the giveaway!

Fable Naturals Camomile + Shea Moisturizer

Fable Naturals Chamomile + Shea Facial Moisturizer – $24.00 CAD (2oz)

Everyone needs a great, lightweight and healthy facial moisturizer and this one has all those bases covered. It’s packed full of gentle but effective ingredients perfect for sensitive or reactive skin. I like to use this moisturizer in the morning before I apply my sunscreen. It creates a smooth base without any extra greasiness and makes skin look plump and dewy.

Fable Naturals Camomile + Shea Moisturizer

It contains Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Oats and of course Chamomile and Shea Butter. It’s very fast absorbing and feels fresh even on oily skins.

Fable Naturals Quinoa and Almond Exfoliant

Fable Naturals Quinoa + Almond Exfoliant – $18.00 CAD (2oz)

Powdered exfoliants are my new thang, so when I saw that Fable offered a Quinoa + Almond formulation, I knew I had to have it! The reason I’m loving powder exfoliants recently is that you can add whichever liquid base you want to get different results. Personally, I either like to use Coconut Oil for major moisture, my Shea Terra Cape Chamomile Calming Facial Water for when my skin is angry or Aloe Vera juice for light hydration. Of course you can just mix this with plain water but why not pack some other benefits in there by adding your favourite toner or oil?

Fable Naturals Quinoa + Almond Exfoliant

This exfoliant is a gentle blend of Almond Seed Meal, Oat Powder, Fair-Trade Quinoa & Rice Powders, French Green Clay and pure essential oils. It’s scent is amazing and calming and while it isn’t an intense exfoliating treatment (ie: it doesn’t feel super gritty on skin), it is very effective at getting rid of any dead skin cells and giving your skin a beautiful glow. I would say it would be a great option for those of you with very sensitive skin looking for a physical exfoliant.

Fable Naturals Lip Balms

Fable Naturals Vegan Lip Balm 3 Pack – $18.00 CAD (6g)

You may have noticed that these little lip balms come in some curious packaging. To be honest, my first thought was, “How the hell do these things work?”, but once I figured it out, I thought it was one of the best ideas I’d seen in a while! Instead of being housed in bulky plastic tubes or tubs, these lip balms come packaged in cardboard, yep that’s right, cardboard! Once you pop off the cap, all you need to do is squeeze the bottom of the tube (like you would a tube of toothpaste) to expose a little bit of balm. When you’re done, you can either push it back in with your finger or just pop the lid back on (that’s what I do). Each balm contains a mix of organic oils, butters and waxes and all of them are Vegan. I was worried these might not hold up to all the abuse things take in my purse but they are actually still going strong with no rips or tears or even dents! I like the idea of not having to throw away plastic when I’m finished with these and they are also a great design for men too. They’re available for purchase individually for $6.00 or in the 3 pack and they come in Mint, Vanilla Orange and Lemon Coconut (my favourite!).

Now, onto the Giveaway! Do you want to win this Vegan Lip Balm 3 Pack? Just be either from CANADA or the USA, fill out the Gleam widget below for your chance!

Fable Naturals Vegan Lip Balm Giveaway

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  • lcamp30

    Im using the Mango Burt’s Bees as well as coconut oil once in a while

  • Elizabeth R

    Polysporin with SPF.

  • M Gibb

    Burts Bees

  • aly3360

    The two lip balms in my bag right now are blistex and soft lips. I like them both, but I use them mostly because they’re the easiest for me to get my hands on. I hate falling in love with a lip balm only to have it discontinued or hard to get.

    – amber y

  • Patrick Siu

    i’m using coconut oil

  • angela mitchell

    I’m using a few different ones from Friggin Lip Balm and Burts Bees,

  • Julia

    Right now I’m using Burt’s Bees, but am finding it too pepperminty for my liking.

  • lynnclayton

    body shop vamilla but im also using lipsmakers cola as well

  • EN Donnelly

    I’ve used EOS

  • I’m using cocoa butter.

  • Moongazing

    I use Blistex

  • David Gibb

    I use burts bees lip balm

  • vava

    i am not using lipbalm instead using 100 percent pure lip and cheek tint and it works well for me .

  • Julie R.

    I use a balm from Tiber River Naturals. Thanks!

  • Judy

    Always looking for vegan options but they can be so expensive 🙁

  • Andrea Amy

    I have several lip balms that I am using right now. The Body Shop satsuma, burt bees and blistex

  • lori b

    i’m using burts bees lip balm

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Just some regular old chapstick

  • Riviera Dresden

    Currently using a Neutrogena Naturals lip balm (it has a translucent matte tube with green and grey text). It actually isn’t very good, but it smells amazing, and I like how I’m not slowly eating a tube of chemicals. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • ToCo

    I use The Body Shop Satsuma Lip Balm….such a lovely scent!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I use EOS

  • favgreen


  • Samantha

    Im currently using EOS. Would love to try the FABLE products!

  • I’m using a local brand Hemper-Fi’s lip balm. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Megan B


  • Jolie

    I’m currently using L’Occitane.

  • Crafts Onthego

    i am currently using softlips cube.

  • EOS lip balm

  • I am currently using Friggen’ Lip Balm

  • jonnieh

    I’m using Soft Lips Cube right noe

  • Amy

    I’m using Soft lips right now.

  • Gillian Morgan

    I am using soft lips.

  • Lucy

    I’m using Green Beaver’s Honey Lip Balm

  • Robyn B.


  • Emily C

    Blistex pots.

  • tanyab79

    Softlips but would love to try this one.

  • annet

    Right now I’m using ChapStick!

  • Doris

    I am currently using a lip balm from Bath & Body Works.