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Nudestix Eye Pencil Review


I have more Nudestix to share with you all on the blog today and I couldn’t be more excited! If you aren’t familiar with them, Nudestix is a brand based on simple, easy and on-the-go ready makeup essentials like Concealer, Eye Pencils and dual Cheek and Lip pencils to give you the most flawless “No-makeup” makeup look in the shortest amount of time! Today, I have to share with you one of there amazing Eye Pencils in Burnish, to give your lids the perfect wash of bronze for summer!


I’m such a big fan of the “No-Makeup” makeup look that I constantly have people asking me if I even wear makeup. I’m not sure if that’s a good question or a bad question to be asked as a Beauty Blogger, but I’m going to take it as a compliment since that’s what I’m going for – and also because I usually have like 10 products on my face at once! Nudestix Eye Pencil in Burnish is one of my favourite products to use to achieve that look, especially when I want it to be extra beachy and bronzed!


This is probably the best photo of a beauty product I’ve taken in a while, and I’m sure you can see why! This truly shows all the fine shimmer and bronzy goodness that makes up this gorgeous eye pencil. You can use Nudestix Eye Pencils as a soft liner, a sheer wash of shadow or even as a highlighter (with the lighter shades, or this one even for darker skin tones!). All the shades are neutrals which stay true to their no-makeup philosophy – no bright pops of colour here!



Each shade comes with a smudger sponge on the other end as well as their patented in-cap sharpener. I’m not going to lie, I now have about 12 sharpeners floating around who knows where, as well as a bunch of their pretty tins, both plain black and limited edition ones that I use to store things like bobby pins, hair elastics and even q-tips!



I have to say, this is one of my all-time favourite shades to wear on my eyes! It’s very neutral for day time but provides a super pretty shimmer that makes eyes sparkle! I especially like this warm brown to compliment my green eyes. The only downfall of this product, for me anyways, is it’s wear time. I have incredibly oily eye lids (with dry skin everywhere else, figure that out!) and find these tend to crease and wear off after a normal 8 hour work day. Given, I haven’t tried it with an eyeshadow primer yet since I’ve run out and am still deciding which new one to get (leave me a suggestion below!!) but since they are a creamy pencil, I’m not sure if that will give it much more staying power. If you don’t have greasy eyelids, however, I bet you will love these and they should wear very well throughout the day! I’ve found that if it does start smearing throughout the day, I just smear it a bit more with my finger and I’ll get a few more hours of crease-free wear out of it!

I definitely want to try more shades of these because they are incredibly gorgeous and the shimmer is top-notch, not too much and not too little! If you have greasy eyelids like me and want an all over eye colour, I’d recommend their Magnetic Eye Colours as they have better staying power and a more pigmented application.


Nudestix Eye Pencil
$28.00 CAD
Available at: Sephora, Beautylish
Overall Rating: B+