Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)
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Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment is like no other Acne Treatment You’ve Tried!

Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)

As you may know, I lost a vast majority of my blog posts through an unfortunate event early this week. If you’d like to know more about that, you can read it here.

Anyway, like I said previously, onward and upward! There were a few posts that I had written over the past little while that I knew I had to rewrite and share with you all again because they are some of my all time favourites and staples in my daily routine. One of those products is Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment. 

Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)

Now, unless you’re one of those mythical people to be blessed with poreless, blemish-free skin (curse you!) you probably find yourself reaching for an acne treatment from time to time hoping to clear up and straighten out your skin problems. The idea of getting acne or breakouts “only in your teens” is a myth, and a terrible one at that, I’m now that I’m in my mid-late twenties and thought my blemish concerns would be behind me by now, but sadly they are still going strong. These days, I’m not only fighting blemishes, but trying to fight the aging process as well and luckily, Dr. Lisa Kellett (a Toronto based Dermatologist) has designed a skin care system for people just like that!

Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)

Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment is a strong but gentle Benzoyl Peroxide based lotion that works by killing the acne causing bacteria on skin and keeping it away so you can have consistently clear and beautiful skin. I have to tell you, this is nothing like the anti-acne products you are used to using or remember using as a teen, this is a truly luxurious treatment product!

Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)

Drugstore acne treatments are generally harsh, full of alcohols to dry out the blemishes and don’t provide long-term results in your skin condition. Kellett’s Acne treatment on the other hand is chock full of beneficial skin care ingredients like Glycerin, Urea, Fruit Extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and strengthen the skin barrier while treating existing blemishes with the all powerful and trusted Benzoyl Peroxide. Usually with acne treatments I have some sort of reaction to them, whether it be redness, peeling or extra dry patches of skin but I’ve had absolutely no reactions (other than clear skin!!) with Kellett’s!

Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment (1)

This is a truly decadent, silky lotion that applies smoothing and absorbs into skin instantly. It doesn’t cause any excess dryness and honestly works at healing blemishes overnight. I’ve never had an acne product work so quickly and efficiently on my skin. This is my little lifesaver for if I forget to wash my face one night, the next night I’ll apply a pea sized amount all over my face and I won’t have to face the trouble of the dreaded “I-slept-with-my-makeup-on-breakouts”. This also works great for hormonal breakouts, especially if you’re using it before you expect one to come on. Personally, I don’t use this product everyday, I use it more as a weekly all over treatment to ensure my skin stays clear and blemish free.

Kellett has a whole range of Adult Acne treatment products and I highly recommend the Moisturizing Gel as well, especially if you’re a very oily skin type!


Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment
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Overall Rating: A+

A Sample of this product was sent for consideration, I loved it so much that I purchased my own full size.