Tips for NOT Losing all your Blog Posts…

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You may have noticed some changes around here. New heading, new logo, overall new look! Exciting hey? Nope. Not at all.

A couple weeks ago I decided it might be fun to change my theme, I wanted it to be neater, cleaner and just easier to navigate than my previous one. I found one that I loved and paid for the download, after downloading it, the site gave me an option to have someone “professionally install” it. I was pretty excited to see that option because this theme was more complicated than I was used to and although I may have been able to figure it out eventually, it would have taken me a lot of time and effort (oh, the irony). I paid more to have it “professionally” installed and was excited to have a person that “knew what they were doing” so I could have a fully functioning and easy to use Wordpess site in less time than it would take myself.

Here’s where things go wrong.

The person installed the theme. “Great!” I thought, that was so fast and easy! Then I started getting the error codes, and pop ups and white screen of death. I told the person about it and he said I had “database problems” and that “he would fix them” but of course, that wasn’t included in the service I had paid for. I paid yet I again to have this finished off quickly so I could get back to blogging. A day went by, then two days, then three days with no work and no response from the person. Having a nagging feeling I wasn’t going to see any results, I cancelled my order with him and looked for someone else.

I found what I thought was my knight in shining armour, someone that knew what I was talking about and ensured me he could have it done within the hour. “FINALLY!” was what I was thinking…until a few hours went by and there were more error screens. Now my photos weren’t showing up… and now my posts. I was panicking! So as you may have noticed my blog only goes up to June 2014 now and all of my 2015 posts have been lost somewhere in cyberspace thanks to either A) my stupidity to trust people with my website, B) people that don’t know what the hell they are doing or, C) all of the above. Of course no one took the blame for losing my posts – it was magic. I could dispute this with the company to get my money back but what’s the point? It’s so hard to say where it went wrong that it would just drag on forever.

So, I’ve decided onwards and upwards. I’ve learned my lesson and will never use “web developers” off the internet again. I will stick to what I know and ask my brother for help if I need it – if I can’t do it, it won’t be done! And by the way, BACKUP YOUR FILES! It’s easy and saves you from going through, well, this. On a good note though, I think my header and logo turned out fantastic! I ended up purchasing them from Angela at EasyLogo on Etsy. She has tons of fantastic designs and was truly a delight to work with.

Have you ever had a blogging mishap? Sigh. I’m still emotionally recovering from this one.