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MAC Kelly Osbourne Collection – Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo [Review + Swatch]



MAC gets me every time. Say the words “Limited Edition”, throw in some pretty packaging and I’m almost guaranteed to buy it – or at least really, really want it. The MAC Kelly Osbourne Collection was definitely no different! The packaging is all a gorgeous shade of lilac (just like Kelly’s hair!) and it has Kelly’s signature in red on each product. When I first saw this collection there was a few items I definitely wanted and the Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo was top of my list!


Although these are just two of MAC’s eyeshadows from their permanent collection, they are marketing them as a new brow duo. Kelly Osbourne is known for her awesome bold brows, so I can see why they wanted to incorporate a brow product into her collection. I honestly didn’t pick this up for the purpose of using on my brows (I already have a great new product for that, check out Annabelle Instaglam Brow Design + Fix) I did want these two shades to add to my collection, as I didn’t previously own either of them.


First up in the duo is the lighter of the two shades, Soba. This is described on MAC’s website as a “Golden Brown with Gold Shimmer” and is a Satin finish. It’s a very pretty shade that I definitely wanted to purchase so I’m glad it was included in the duo. I can’t see how you would use this one on brows since it does have such an intense gold shimmer to it, but I guess if you were very blonde you might be able to make it work! Otherwise, it’s great for a wash of colour over the lids.


Next up is Brun, a colour I’ve also been wanting for a while to use as a contour. This is described on the website as “Dark Brown” which, yes, it is dark brown. This one also contains some shimmer and has a “Satin” finish but it’s much less noticeable than Soba. You could definitely get away with using this to fill in your brows if they are relatively dark. Another possibility would be mixing the two shades together to get a shade to perfectly match your brow colour!



Here on the left is Soba and the right, Brun. I really like them both as eyeshadows! I may try them on my brows one day but I think right now, I’ll stick to pencils. For me, I find them easier to use. I don’t have a lot that I need to fill in and just the tails of my brows are the problem so I don’t necessarily need a brow powder. I still would highly recommend this if you’re able to come across it, just to have two great neutral shadows to have in your collection!


MAC Kelly Osbourne Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo (LE)
Shades: Soba & Brun (both permanent)
$26.50 CAD
Available at: Select MAC Counters
Overall Rating: B+