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You’re Such a Softy! – Skinn Enriched Softening Essence [Review]


Do you use a toner? I haven’t always used one but in the past couple years I’ve been trying to use Toners, Essences, Softening Lotions, whatever you want to call them, after my regular cleansing routine. Why? Toners can have a lot of extra benefits for all skin types. Let me tell you why and introduce you to one of my favourites – Skinn Enriched Softening Essence.

Like I said, toners can have benefits for all skin types – from the oiliest to the driest. Toners, or in this case, Softening Essences, can be used in place of lotions or creams if you have extremely oily skin or as a first layer if you need extra moisture. Toners have got a bad rap since a lot of them contain irritating ingredients like alcohol and menthol which can make skin worse, but now there’s a whole new world of Essences and Toners to explore that provide nothing but benefits for skin!


What makes the Skinn Enriched Softening Essence so unique is undoubtedly the ingredient list. When was the last time you saw “Coconut Water” as the first ingredient in a skin care product. The answer is probably never. Because Skinn Cosmetics is also a manufacturer of many of our well beloved beauty lines in department and specialty stores, they can afford to use top notch ingredients at low, low prices. The ingredient labels read more like a grocery list than a skin care product! Everything included in each product, including this amazingly soothing and calming Softening Essence, has a benefit for skin. There’s no fillers, no preservatives and absolutely nothing your skin doesn’t need!


The top of the bottle is a twist up lid, so you don’t need to unscrew a cap every time you go to use it. For us crazy cat ladies, you know this is essential because as soon as a lid leaves a bottle, it’s fair game to all kitties and ultimately ends up in it’s new home under the oven. It also makes it easy to only get the amount of product you need without any waste as it comes out slower than most bottle designs.

Skinn Enriched Softening Essence leave skin hydrated, plumped up and prepared for any other treatment you may want to apply. It also removes all traces of left over cleanser and makeup to make sure you’re beginning with a perfectly blank canvas. For my dry skin, I find it adds a much needed layer of moisture without feeling heavy or being greasy in any way. I can see oily skin types loving this as well because of it’s ultra light feel! Overall, this is a winner for all “Skinn” types!


Skinn Enriched Softening Essence
$32.00 USD
Available at: Skinn.com & The Shopping Channel
Overall Rating: A