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What Would I Do Without It? – Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover

Welcome to another instalment of What Would I do Without it? Wednesdays! What is that you ask? Well, this idea came to me when I was in the shower. Yes, in the shower. I was thinking about the items in my bathroom that I use every single day without fail, yet they never seem to make it onto the blog. Sometimes I actually forget about my favourite things because they are often in no state to be photographed (because I use them so often) or they are instantly in the shower/on the sink/in my bag as soon as I (re)buy them! Therefore, I thought I would make a special weekly post just for these items so they get the spotlight they deserve!

This week I’m featuring an amazing product, that yes that’s right, I can’t live without – Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover.

For my job, I’m constantly using my hands and I’m on my feet for roughly 9 hours a day. My feet and hands really take a beating daily and honestly, I’m not very good at keeping up with them. I try my hardest to use hand cream and cuticle oils but it just doesn’t happen as frequently as it should to actually be considered “maintenance”. It’s more like “Oh, crap I haven’t looked at my hands in a week I need to do something NOW!”.


That’s where Julep Vanish comes in handy (haha, get it? Handy?…Nevermind). For us girls that aren’t big on the maintenance, this steps in to correct the long forgotten, long neglected nails & cuticles and make them look like you just walked out of a high end spa after spending $100’s on deluxe mani-pedi’s. (That only ever happens to me on Birthday’s and Christmas’s when I ask for gift certificates for Spas.) But, this little $18.00 bottle can really change your hands and feet in an instant! No appointment, no driving and no hassle!


This product is as simple to use as the back suggests – Apply a few drops, push back your cuticles and wash your hands. Done and done. Perfectly manicured nails all ready for polish or moisturizer! I personally don’t use this on my hands very often, I’m one of those people that don’t really have cuticles that grow up my nails. I do, on the other hand, use this almost weekly on my toes! I have wreaked havoc on my feet ever since I was little, first, being trapped in tight dance shoes 6 days a week, then in heels everyday for a job I worked at for 6 years, now on my feet for 9 hours a day (although I can wear whatever shoes I want now)! So my feet have definitely taken a beating!

Unlike my hands, my toes have ridiculous amounts of cuticle growth, so a product like this is essential to me! Even though it says to apply and immediately wash off, I leave it on for about a minute for the cuticles really to soften so I can remove even the toughest ones. I’ll usually do this right before a shower so I don’t have to try to get my feet up to the sink to rinse haha, just something I learned the hard way not to do!

Overall, this product is super quick, easy and most of all effective. All of these attributes make it a definite What Would I do Without It? contender.

PS – I’ve even been asked where I had gone for a pedicure after using this product! 


Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover
$18.00 or $14.40 for Mavens
Available at: Julep.com
Overall Rating: A+