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Annabelle Instaglam Brow Design + Fix – Get Instaglam for Your Instagram!


Let me start off this blog post by telling you three of my favourite things: 1. Annabelle Cosmetics, 2. Shoppers Drug Mart and 3. Free stuff. Now, combine those all together and this is what I got! Thanks to my Shoppers Optimum Points and the Redemption Event this weekend, I was able to get this Annabelle Instaglam Brow Design + Fix for free! Win, win and win! Oh, and another win, it’s a brow product, which I also love!


Annabelle Instaglam Brown Design + Fix is a double ended product featuring a liquid brow liner on one end and a translucent setting gel in the other. Now, I’m a big advocate of “brows frame the face” and generally won’t leave the house without at least using a brow gel. But, I’ve never used a liquid eyebrow product! To be honest, it scared me so much in the store that I had picked it up, put it in my basket and put it back on the shelf TWICE before deciding to bite the bullet and just try it. I chose the Medium/Dark shade to match my dark brows.


I love that in the other end of this pen is a translucent setting gel! I use a gel to set my brows every single day, as we know, brows can be a little unruly, so it’s great to have both products in one slim pen. Plus, the brow gel brush is smaller than a normal mascara wand, which I wasn’t sure about at first, but found it much easier to control through the brows than the larger ones.


The Medium/Dark Annabelle Instaglam Brow Design + Fix is the perfect shade for my brows! I’ve found a lot of drugstore products for brows are much to warm-toned for me and end up looking very fake. This one is a cool, dark brown and applies very sheer, but buildable.


Here’s a before and after of my brows using Instaglam! I have pretty thick brows to begin with, but the tails of them need a little help to fully frame my eyes. This is especially important since I wear glasses everyday and need a well defined brow to compete with my frames. I was incredibly surprised at how this applied. I thought it would apply much like a liquid eyeliner and create harsh, intense lines through the brow making them look really unnatural (not really my desired look). But, to my surprise it applied very sheer but still very precise. I’m used to using either a brow powder or very thin pencil that apply to look like real hairs. I thought I would lose that effect using a liquid product, but again, surprisingly, I didn’t!

I really like the effect this gives my brows and the gel really holds them in place without looking stiff or feeling sticky. This is a great brow product to try out if you’re looking for a natural look. It comes in two colours, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, which should compliment most brow shades. This is also a great touch-up product (although you probably won’t need to) to keep in your purse for those stray brows that need taming!


Annabelle Instaglam Brow Design + Fix
$12.95 CAD
Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Other Drugstores
Overall Rating: A