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Alluring Aquatic – MAC Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush – Can You Sea Me Now?



So, just like everyone else, as soon as MAC comes out with a new Limited Edition collection with amazing packaging, I cave. My wallet comes out and my pay check waves goodbye! I have to say I didn’t do too badly with the Alluring Aquatic collection though, by the time I got to the MAC counter in my city there wasn’t much selection left, but I managed to snag an Extra Dimension Blush and an eyeliner. I’m still convinced I only bought them for the packaging – the MAC marketing department is truly good at what they do. There were two shades of blush in this collection, I chose MAC Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush.


I mean come on, look at this packaging! How could I not pick one of these up? It actually looks like water droplets! But moving beyond the beauty case, this is actually the first Extra Dimension Blush that I’ve owned. I do have Extra Dimension Bronzers and Shadows and I love the finish of them, so I decided to complete my collection and pick up a blush. 


The MAC website describes Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush as a “beige-pink”. I guess that’s right, I don’t know how I would describe it. It looks different in ever light I put it in – this was the closest I could get the photos to the true colour of the blush and I have to say it’s pretty accurate. It definitely has a gold undertone once applied and comes across on cheeks warmer than it appears in the pan. Like all Extra Dimension Blushes it has a soft shimmer finish which translates to more of a sheen on skin. It’s really flattering and extremely pretty!


Here you can see the gold undertone I’m talking about. I think this blush would be extremely wearable on a lot of different skin tones! I like the soft pink sheen it gives my cheeks, it’s great when I want a more natural looking blush if I’m doing a darker eye or lip. It generally goes with other makeup colours as well so it’s a great all around blush.


MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blush
$32.50 CAD
Available at:, MAC Counters
Overall Rating: A