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Nail HQ Growth Treatment – Your HQ For Long, Strong Nails!


  Let me just start off by saying, my nails have been horrendous lately! I did a stint a while back where all I used was Shellac polish – and boy am I paying for it now. I loved going to the Salon, getting my nails done and having super funky artwork all over my finger tips! But now, I’m kind of regretting what I’ve done to my poor, brittle and peeling nails. So I was more than happy when I saw this new line in my most recent package of FarleyCo goodies! This is Nail HQ Growth Treatment Up until the time I had Shellac for 3 months straight, I’d never had a problem growing my nails. In fact, I usually had to cut them because they would get too long and annoy me! So, I never thought I’d find myself applying a growth treatment once every few days in hopes it would work some sort of instant growth magic.


Nail HQ Growth Treatment has quite the list of impressive ingredients. First, it contains Pentavitin which claims to be a “Moisture Magnet” and Biotin for growth. Sounds magical already, but let’s read on. Next, it has replenishing ingredients like to improve nail flexibility and deminish brittleness and breakage. And last, but not least, it has Acqua-Biomin, Calcium Y3 Complex (sounds fancy) and vitamins A, D and E. To be honest, I don’t now what half of those things are but they certianly sound like they could be some sort of magical potion with magic results!


  This treatment comes in a very average polish bottle, with a average size and a average lid. What isn’t average about this treatment is it’s results! Within about a week I started to notice my nails looked healthier – and that was a big plus! Within the second week I saw noticable growth and much less breakage than before. After that, I’ve only continued to see increased strength, growth and absolutely no more peeling! Now I know nothing can make nails grow faster (except maybe a change in your diet) but what this does is strengthens and conditions your existing nails to make them not only strong, but beautiful! The Nail HQ Growth Treatment provides a hint of pretty shine with a slight pink that makes nail beds look healthier. I’m sure you’ve seen that trick before in many well known polishes – but what’s great about this one is it’s not only a polish, it’s a treatment. Here’s a photo of my nails now after about a month of regular applications (photo is with Nail HQ Growth applied):


They certainly aren’t the longest nails around, but that’s not my thing. I keep them quite short for work and home. Hopefully you can see that they are strong and healthy looking with no cracks, chips or peeling. Overall, I’m extremely happy with what this product has done for my nails! I would liken it to Julep Nail Therapy (which I also like) but easier to get your hands on and much more cost effective!


Nail HQ Growth Treatment
$9.99 CAD
Available at: Select Pharmasave, IDA and Guardian – Also at
Overall Rating: A

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