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Annabelle CC Creams – Better than BB? Or just another letter?




Hello All! Let me introduce you to new Annabelle CC Colour Control Creams. I know, I thought it too, “CC? What happened to

BB? I was just getting on board with that now we are moving onto a different letter entirely?” Hear me out though, I promise it’s worth it.

As soon as I saw new the creams coming onto the market labelled “CC” and now even “DD” I instantly thought, “NO!”. How could these “CC”, “DD”, “FF”, “PP” creams (Okay, maybe not “PP” that’s getting weird) be any different then the traditional “BB” cream? And why is there a cream called a “BB” cream in the first place?! Needless to say this sparked my researcher side and I lit up google with such questions. Turns out all these letters actually stand for things – traditionally “Blemish Balm” in Korea and Japan then after reaching North America, “Beauty Balm’s” was the coined term. So what are “CC” creams then? Well, let me tell you what I’ve learned.

Annabelle CC Colour Control Cream is not only a step up from a “BB” cream, but it’s also a step in the right direction for a flawless face. Annabelle offers two different finishes in their CC cream which are meant to prime, perfect, control and correct your complexion. First, the Luminous finish gives skin a lit from within glow while camouflaging fine lines and uneven skin tone, and the Natural finish version corrects redness, dullness and provides anti-shine.




As you can see in the photo (hopefully), the Luminous version has tiny, bits of “glow” laced throughout (I didn’t want to say shimmer because it isn’t that intense and it definitely doesn’t venture into glitter territory so “glow” seemed the most appropriate word to use here), while the Natural version has a beige toned, colour correcting base that blends flawlessly into any shade skin. Both of them leave you with natural looking, more even and youthful skin – much like a BB cream but with (in my opinion) a better formulation.




I’ll let you in on my little trick for a truly flawless base – I mix them together. That way, the “glow” isn’t overpowering and you get the added benefits of the Natural’s colour correction! Both formulas are super lightweight, don’t dry sticky or tacky and leave the perfect canvas to apply concealer or foundation over. Personally, when using these two together I don’t have to wear foundation, just a little bit of concealer on trouble spots and I’m ready to go!





Not only are the formulations great but they also come in mess-free, airless pumps! That’s a huge bonus if you ask me and they don’t deliver too much product per pump either. At around $16.95 CAD each, these are a great value and can easily replace some of the pricier versions of illuminating and correcting bases such as Cover FX BritePrep & Le Blanc De Chanel. The formulations are also oil-free, hypoallergenic and great for all skin types.


Annabelle CC Colour Control Creams
$16.95 Each
Shades: Luminous & Natural
Available at: Drugstores
Rating: A