This is How You Know Your Blogging is Getting Serious.


We have had this extra little “hallway” in our house empty forever! I decided it was time to get some more storage for my ever-expanding cosmetics collection/hoard and it ended up turning into a little blogging office space! I’m so excited about my little area that I really wanted to share it with all of you! (Don’t mind the random wood pieces in the back, we need them and have no where else to put them haha).



It could still definitely use more organization but I’m getting there! The shelving is from XS Cargo & the cute little wicker baskets are from Jysk. I might buy a couple more to make it look less cluttered!



Here is my “desk” it’s actually a left over work table from when the house was being renovated. But hey, use what you have right? That gorgeous little tea towel on the right is from my UmbaBox and yes, I was watching Project Runway when I took this picture haha.


Do you have a “blogging space” or work desk? I’m so much happier now that I have it – everything feels much more organized and clean and I feel much more efficient at getting all my posts done!