Get Your Skin “Peeling” Great! – B.Kamins AHA+BHA Gommage


Let’s start out by saying I have large pores & blackheads. I’m not prone to breakouts per se but I’ve struggled with clogged pores ever since middle school. I’m sure many of you can relate, that’s why I’m sharing that not-so-ladylike fact. I feel as though I’ve tried every scrub, exfoliant, peel and the like to try to clean these babies out but to no prevail. So when B.Kamins was kind enough to send me their new AHA+BHA Gommage, I expected super soft skin but no real pore clearing benefits like with any other scrub I’ve tried. All I’ll say is this one is different, and here’s why!



First, unlike most scrubs, B.Kamins AHA+BHA Gommage comes in a cute little pot. It may not be the easiest to get into when your hands are wet and messy but it looks better in my opinion. You also get a good amount, 2oz, which may seem smaller than you’ve seen at the Drugstore but this is more of a treatment product, not a once-every-two-days scrub. It combines AHA+BHA’s to chemically exfoliate as well as super soft beads to manually remove dead skin cells – a double whammy! It’s also incredibly gentle even on my sensitive skin. No reddening or irritation whatsoever!



B.Kamins AHA+BHA Gommage also has this amazing sort of whipped texture, making it super light and not greasy. You apply a thick layer of it to your face, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then scrub in circular motions and rinse. You will be left with, seriously, baby soft skin, smaller pores and an overall clearer complexion! This product has given me the quickest and best results of any exfoliation product I’ve ever used – including peels and you can’t beat the gentleness of it!



Even though you need to apply a “thick layer” a little bit of this product goes a long way. At first I thought, “This is only going to last me, like, 4 treatments!” but then as I used it more, I realized that I’m not even making a dent (and I’ve done about 4 treatments). If you’re looking for a super gentle but effective exfoliating treatment I would say look no further than this Gommage! It’s seriously done wonders for my skin and I don’t think I will be without it now! Oh, and the best part?



Yay!! Proudly Canadian! Not only do I love finding effective & amazing products but when they are Canadian I feel 10x better about them!



B.Kamins AHA+BHA Gommage
$39.00 CAD
Available at: Sephora, Murale & B.Kamins.comĀ