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This isn’t Quite Eardrum Busting Volume – Julep Volumizing Mascara Review + Swatches


I’ll start off by saying, I am a mascara snob. I’m extremely picky and tend to stick to one or two brands when it comes to pumping up my lashes, but when Julep included this in their September Maven box, I thought I’d give it a fair shot. This is Julep Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black.I honestly contemplated skipping this box just because they included a mascara – odds are I wasn’t going to like it, but the polish colours were way too pretty to pass up so here it is!



If I remember correctly, this mascara came in both Jet Black and Brown (Boho box). I switched from my original Amercian Beauty maven box to Classic With a Twist this month because of the gorgeous Off-Black and Mushroom shades – I also added on the bright white! I’m loving the polishes, amazing fall shades!



This mascara comes with a rubber/silicone wand (not my favourite) with two different lengths of bristles, shorter on one side for volume and longer, comb-like bristles for length and definition. I find silicone brushes to be harder to work with. They generally have too much product on them that you can’t clean off and result in clumpy, spider-like lashes. The only rubber bristle brush I like is Cover Girl’s Lash Blast and I think it’s because they are so soft and short.


Naked Lashes


My lashes aren’t terrible to begin with but I love, full & thick lashes! Length isn’t my main concern, neither is separation and even though Julep markets this as a volumizing mascara, the “micro-fibre” formula and rubber bristles don’t really seem to be formulated for that.


Left Eye: With Mascara Right Eye: Without


It definitely makes a difference in my lashes! I find it to be more lengthening and separating than anything. The “micro-fibres” really do lengthen your lashes but that’s sort of a downfall for be because then my lashes just touch my glasses all day and make them dirty!



I find that this mascara looks really nice but the one thing I can’t get over is the feel of it. It never dries and if you so much as touch your eye it will smudge and your lashes will stick together in one big clump that you can’t separate! I also don’t like the idea of have extra “micro-fibres” around my eyes, there are enough tiny things near there to get lodged in my cornea! I’m not going to say this is a bad mascara, because it isn’t, it just isn’t for me. If you’re looking for length and definition I would actually recommend it as long as you are okay with the tacky feeling it keeps. I’m glad I got to try it but won’t be repurchasing. What did you think of this mascara?



Julep Volumizing Mascara
$24.00 (USD)
Available at: Julep.com