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Can you really say “Bye Bye” to Dark Undereyes? – IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer Review + Swatch


I’m a sucker for things I see on The Shopping Channel (Like QVC or HSN for my American Friends). Some people really know how to sell, I’ll tell you that! But, I was always iffy about purchasing the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer for a few reasons; 1) buying concealers/foundations over the TV or Internet can definitely result in problems and 2) I just didn’t believe the claims – especially for the $29.00 price tag. Well, after months of watching the beautiful Jamie Kern Lima (founder of IT cosmetics) demonstrate this product for months, I finally caved when it was offered in a Today’s Showstopper with other products that I desperately wanted. I figured it would just be a bonus if I liked it – Um, huge bonus!



Not only did the Showstopper come with two brushes, the Vitality Face Disc (bronzer, blush, highlight) and a lip Vitality Balm-Stain but also this over double sized tube (1oz) of their famous Bye Bye Undereye Concealer. I ordered mine in light as I had a sample of their Neutral Medium (apparently a fit for 70% of women) which looked absolutely orange on me. They describe light as being for “Ultra Porcelain” skin tones but it works perfectly for me and I’m not that pale.



The light shade is (thankfully) more yellow-toned than the Neutral Medium, which is quite on the pinky-orange side. I’m surprised at how well this actually matches my skin tone and it’s light enough to add brightness under my eyes without looking strange. It is extremely thick and pigmented, this bottle will literally last me for years, and sheers out nicely to match skin tone. It feels really moisturizing and sets well without settling into fine lines around the eyes (you should set with powder though).


Before (No makeup)


My dark circles aren’t terrible but they are noticeable, especially when I’m having an allergy attack (all the time). So I do cover them up daily to make myself look more awake and healthier (case in point, I had a kitty emergency the other morning and didn’t have time to apply makeup and my co-worker told me I looked sick…). Above is the before shot – no makeup at all…AT ALL.


After (With Bye Bye Undereye)


I definitely think it makes me look less tired bye covering the darkness, and it looks moisturized, not cakey or made-up. I really like the texture of this for under eyes.


Bare Faced


With Bye Bye Undereyes only (no other makeup)


Jaime often says that you can use this as an all over foundation – there is no way I would ever do that. It’s too thick and stays sort of “tacky” and I think it would just feel gross all over. For under the eyes? Perfect! All over the face? Never. Well, as I said in the beginning I didn’t expect a heck of a lot out of this concealer but I find myself using it daily now. The shade is perfect and the coverage is perfect! I wish they offered more shades to suit everyone as I think it could be very hard for some people to find a match. This is a bit light for me in the summer but I just cocktail it with a darker concealer and it’s great again. Have you tried this concealer? What is your favourite for under eyes?



IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer
$29.00 (.28oz) or $36.00 (.28oz) with Brush
Available at: The Shopping Channel


PS – Tomorrow (Sept. 14) IT Cosmetics has a Showstopper on TSC – Be sure to check it out!