At least my Lipstick is Classy – ELF Essential Lipstick in Classy Review + Swatch


It took me a million years this morning just to get this half-decent picture. ARG! But let’s put that behind us – Today I’m featuring ELF Essential Lipstick in Classy. on my FOTD, thank goodness it’s not an EOTD… Hellooooo glare! That’s the problem with wearing glasses, lots of glare in photos but I can’t bring myself to touch my eyeballs with those paper thin pieces of plastic they call contact lenses. Plus, I’ve kind of come to be known by my glasses! I think of them as a statement piece of jewellery.


I’ve been getting much more comfortable lately with doing a brighter, bolder lip and I am almost at the point where I feel naked without one! Today, since I’m probably not going to be looking or acting very Classy in any other sense, I decided to break out the¬†Classy¬†essential lipstick from ELF. Honestly, these are worth way more than $1 (or the 50 cents I paid for this one!).



I’ve read on quite a few other blogs that they have had problems with these lipsticks breaking and falling out of the package but I own all the colours and have yet to have this happen. I think the trick is to only twist it up as far as you need to get it on your lips – less chance of snapping it off. This colour I would describe as a cool-toned pink with a purple undertone. I found it looked much more “purpley” once applied to my lips and appears more pink in the tube. It’s definitely a fun, girly pop of colour!



That’s one swipe out of the tube and as you can see, great colour pay off! It’s sheer enough to not even appear cakey but opaque enough to give full colour. I honestly consider ELF’s Essential Lipsticks as some of my best! And you can try so many different colours without breaking the bank! Actually, you can try ALL of them for like $10, less than one drugstore lipstick!



Loves it! Oh, and get this right now for Labour Day weekend ELF is having a BOGO sale! So you can pick up this and any other colour lipstick for only 50 cents EACH! It’s unheard of, I might go buy backups… Actually, I will. See you there!



ELF Essential Lipstick in Classy
Available at:Eyeslipsface.com


Buy one get one free!