Bourjois Bronzer

I’m Keeping my Faux Glow – Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder Spray Review + Swatches


I’m a very pale girl and I make sure I use sun protection everyday so therefore, I don’t get a gorgeous glowing tan. But I want one. I’ve always struggled with bronzers – they are either too dark, too shimmery, muddy looking, not tan enough or leave big, tell-tale streaks on my skin. I’ve used liquid bronzers in the past which I found worked better than powders for me but again, same deal – too shimmery, too dark etc. So, when I came across this Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder Spray I knew I had to try!


There were quite a few reasons that tempted me to try this bronzer, a) There was an 8,000 shoppers optimum points coupon in a LouLou mag a while back for it, b) sprays are just too convenient and c) no shimmer – oh, and it smells like chocolate! Initially when Shoppers got these in all they had left was the Olive/Tanned shade (it’s available in 2 shades, fair/medium and olive/tanned). I decided to give it a shot anyway and figured I could just apply a very light layer. It worked, even on my pale skin!



I have since purchased the fair/medium shade as well, mostly just to see the difference as I was perfectly happy with my Olive/tanned shade. I literally use this everyday to give my skin more life and dimension. There are also, surprisingly, many different ways you can apply this bronzer! My personal favourite is to spray some on to my beauty blender sponge and contour my face (works amazing!). You can also just do a quick spray all over the skin or spray onto a brush and buff it in. The only problem that can occur with this spray application is the nozzle can get clogged and it starts spitting out blobs of bronzer. Easy solution though, just take a clean q-tip and wipe off any excess from the nozzle before and after spraying – good as new!



In this photo you can see what I mean about the “little blobs”. I have used over half of the Olive/Tanned shade and didn’t clean the nozzle before spraying – if this does happen they are easily blended into the skin. I was actually very surprised at the shade difference! I thought they would be the same overall tone just with less pigmentation but the difference between the two is staggering. When you look at them side-by-side you may think that the Olive/Tanned is too orange and would be unflattering but on the face, I actually prefer the Olive/Tanned shade. It looks more like an actual tan because it has warmer undertones. Light/Medium is better for contouring as it’s more of a cool-toned tan/brown. I like both and neither look unnatural on the skin, they are just good for different reasons!


It’s really easy to apply as much or as little as you want of this product as well. Totally customizable and takes just seconds to apply! I’m hooked and I hope they don’t discontinue this product (if they do I’ll have to stock up). I find it’s the easiest and fastest way to get a streak free, natural looking bronze glow and contour. When I use it in conjunction with my Dior Spray Foundation I’m ready and out the door in seconds!



Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder Spray
$26.00 CAD
Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques