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The Test of Time – Too Faced Shadow Insurance Experiment + Review


I decided to take on quite the experiment yesterday (and the day before) to really address that age old question of, “Which is better – Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance?”. My stand by has always been Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, I’ve had a tube of it forever and never really wanted to stray from it. I finally was enticed by Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance after seeing it is a) cheaper, b) Paraben free and c) has less crazy sounding ingredients. I’m prone to bouts of eczema on my eyelids and the more ingredients, the better the chance it’s going to flare up! So, I recently picked one up to give it the ultimate test.





Okay, so here is the breakdown of the experiment. Trust me, I tried to account for all extraneous variables that may interfere with statistically significant results…(YES! I finally used my stats class in real life!).


  • No Eye Cream
  • Tiny amount of each applied – Too Faced on the Left, Urban Decay on the Right (of the photo)
  • Set with Cover FX Setting Powder
  • Applied NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette
  • Blended again with Setting FX
  • Applied Dalton Cream Liner in Minx and mascara in black


I also made sure not to apply any of my sunscreens or skin care products so they wouldn’t interfere with the results! The initial difference wasn’t incredibly noticeable. Both let shadow apply smoothly and intensified the colour but I personally think the Too Faced Shadow Insurance gave a little more vibrancy to the shades, not by much, but I did notice it. So, what happened throughout the day? I photographed myself at 4 hours and at 8 hours of wear and boy, was I surprised with what I saw!



I was surprised that there wasn’t really any noticeable difference after 4 hours. Both held up great but the vibrancy of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance that was initially better, stayed that little bit better. So, any difference at 8 hours? Let’s see!


Again, not a heck of a lot of difference, even after my thorough investigation and scrutinization. The only real difference is my greasy skin and flaking mascara! I had no creasing with either one after a full 8 hours, which seriously, seriously, shocked me. I have very oily eyelids and the fact that these held up so well today is amazing me – I swear any other day they both would have been a creasing, oily mess. They behaved for the camera apparently.




This last photo (even though the lighting is a bit different) you can see the sharpness and intensity that the Too Faced Shadow Insurance kept through out the day. Since they both performed well I have to nit-pick now and I do notice a difference in the defined edges and colour intensity. I also need to say that I didn’t get an eczema breakout after the two days of wearing the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (usually happens instantly) and I even used it on my eye that is more prone to it (bonus, it’s gentle!). I find the Shadow Insurance more moisturizing as well which I like, and has a slicker – less matte feel.


The Verdict

By a slight edge (literally) Too Faced Shadow Insurance was the winner of this two day, very scientific I might add, experiment. I still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either option but if you’re going for vibrancy, moisturization and a gentler formula I’d suggest the Too Faced. They both come in Original formulas as well as coloured options for different bases (both these were original). What do you guys think of these options? Are there others I should try out?



Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Original)
$18.00 USD
Available at: Sephora, Too Faced