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Bold, Beautiful Brows – Dalton Brow Fix Review


Before you roll your eyes at me, it’s not another eyeliner I SWEAR! It is close to it though, and yes, is in the same packaging haha. This is actually¬†Dalton Brow Fix in Brunette, a cream brow product with perfectly designed brush for precise application. I’ve only recently begun filling in my brows, I’ve always defined them and filled in the little “tails” but I never thought I needed to fill in the rest of them. After trying this product, I realize my error in judgement.



This brow corrector is packaged in an air tight compact so you know it will never dry out and the mirror makes it great for taking along with you if you need touch ups (although I never do it stays all day!). This might look a little different to use if your used to powders and pencils, but this sheer cream goes on smoothly and fills in brows with just one dip of the brush! I love the added spooly on the end to tame any random strays. I still find myself using brow gel so they don’t move around all day.



Like seriously, SERIOUSLY! How big of a difference does that make in my left brow? My eye looks more open, my eye colour looks brighter and everything looks more defined. The colour is warmer then that of my brow but I like that because my hair is much warmer than my brows as well so it makes them look like they actually match!






You will never know the power of a perfectly groomed (and filled in) brow until you start doing it for yourself. I know, because that’s how I learned. I literally can’t leave the house without my “brows on” now. This cream is also water proof like their liners and doesn’t come off or fade until you want it to come off – that’s a big must for brows!



Dalton Brow Fix in Brunette + Brush
$28.00 USD
Available at:


This product was sent to me for consideration of a review. All opinions are my own, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t rave about results like that?