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Super by Dr Perricone Winter Skin Essentials work Just as well in the Summer!


Typically, people get oilier skin in the summer time due to the heat, sweat and humidity. I, do not. My skin goes the complete opposite direction thanks to the super dry, desert like Okanagan air, excessive use of fans and A/C and of course, the sun. My skin has been flaking and peeling (no, I don’t have a sunburn) like crazy and feels tight and dry almost everyday. I’ve had to vamp up my moisture levels and Super by Dr Perricone’s Winter Skin Set has really helped!


This kit original came with a Moisturizing Activator as well which I spilled all over the place resulting in a completely empty bottle and a very sad girl. That was the reason I ordered the set in a first place, but at least these other two products proved to be amazing as well!



Super by Dr Perricone O-Mega Moisture

  • This is a very interesting cream! I expected it to be thick and waxy like most “dry skin” creams but it’s actually very light and liquidy. It sinks into skin almost instantly and provides long lasting moisture. I use this cream at night and cocktail it with the O-Mega Oil and during the day I mix a little bit with my foundation for extra hydration and a more sheer finish. This cream is fairly natural and includes things like palm oil, squalane, shea butter and sesame oil. A little goes a very long way!




This cream doesn’t feel heavy or thick on skin but provides really deep moisture, which is hard to come by! I have somewhat breakout prone skin (usually only due to skin care ingredients or hormones) and this doesn’t clog my pores or cause any breakouts.



Super by Dr Perricone O-Mega Oil

  • I really like oils as skin care! I started using oils about a year ago and oddly enough they have stopped my oily skin and breakouts almost completely. I think my skin is more balanced now and doesn’t need to make an excess of its own oil. This is a lightweight oil that works best cocktailed with a cream (provides better spreadability) and gives an intense boost of moisture without leaving skin greasy or shiny. This little bottle will last forever as you only need about 2-3 drops! It’s super natural and includes Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin C & E. If you’re leery about trying an oil on your skin I highly recommend you do so! It’s changed my skin for the better and this one is exceptional – and smells like cherries.



Overall, I’ve loved these products. These are my first purchases from the Super line and I really want more now, especially a new activator *rolls eyes*. Does your skin get dry in the summer too? Am I the only one?



Super by Dr Perricone Winter Skin Essentials
O-Mega Cream & O-Mega Oil
$90.00 (3 piece set on The Shopping Channel)
Available at: The Shopping Channel & Sephora (US)