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What’s In My Shower? (August 2012)


Personally, I find the most informative blog posts about skin care, cosmetics and body care don’t contain many words at all. By that, I mean they are either “empties” posts or “what’s in my …” posts that are the true tests of products! If products make it into my daily rotation, I know they are good and assume that other people feel the same about theirs. So, I decided to show you my daily necessities in my shower! Of course there are a few hair treatments that rotate in and out (glosses, treatments, oils etc) as well as face washes depending on the amount of makeup I need to remove or if I want to exfoliate. Let’s get to it!



1. Clarisonic Mia

  • I have a strange relationship with my Mia. I go through phases of my skin loving it and phases of my skin hating it! I find if I use it more than 2 times per week my skin gets dry and flaky or breaks out in this strange rash. But, if I only do it around 2 times per week it exfoliates nicely and leaves my skin super clear! Right now I have the Sensitive Brush head on it but I prefer the Delicate version.
2. Venus “Tropical” Razors
  • I love Venus razors, I think they shave really close and don’t irritate my sensitive skin – except this version! I have another Venus Breeze razor in my shower that I use daily but this one hurts! The “basic” disposables aren’t as good as the Breeze or the refillable kind. I won’t buy the Tropical ones again but definitely recommend the Breeze version.

3. Mesh Loofah

  • I love loofahs! I feel like you get a lot more out of your body washes because they create way more suds without using more product. Even though I’ve recently been converted into a bar soap girl (see my Consonant review) I use a loofah and body wash to exfoliate a little more or even lather my bar soap onto the loofah! When I use body wash I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body wash (got them as a Klout perk!)

4. Cotton Loofah

  • Sometimes my skin gets SUPER sensitive and I can’t use my mesh loofah. When that happens I switch to my washcloth-textured loofah! It’s pretty much a bunched up wash cloth.



5. Marc Anthony Salon Expert Extreme Rescue Mud

  • I know, I know – mud in your hair? I thought the same thing. But this stuff is super fantastic! It makes my hair so soft and manageable with no frizz and it doesn’t weigh it down in the slightest. I use this almost every single time I wash my hair and leave it on for about 5 minutes. Highly recommend the whole Salon Expert line! It’s the only line that makes my hair feel like it does when I leave the salon.

6. Marc Anthony Salon Expert Shampoo

  • Sulphate free for coloured hair, super gentle, smells great and looks pretty in the shower. What more could I ask for? Oh, it cleans well too!

7. Marc Anthony Salon Expert Conditioner

  • Although I usually prefer a heavier conditioner for daily use (my hair tangles like crazy), this one does the trick without weighing my hair down. I leave it on for 1-2 minutes and follow with a treatment!

8. Carols Daughter Monoi Hair Mask

  •  I’ve only tried this once and didn’t like the smell, although my boyfriend loved it so I’ll give it another shot.



9. Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash

  • This is the cleanser I used with my Clarisonic. It’s self foaming and absolutely natural! It’s unscented and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight whatsoever (which I usually have problems with). I use this with my Clarisonic because if I’m pushing cleanser deeper into my pores I’d like it to be natural, plus it’s refreshing and works great! (I take off my makeup prior to using it so I don’t know how well it removes makeup).



10. LUSH Almond & Coconut Smoothie

  • I use this as my shaving cream. I initially bought it for a moisturizing body wash but it doesn’t lather very well and doesn’t leave me feeling very clean so I switched it to only shaving and it’s amazing! It keeps my skin hydrated and lubricated so I don’t get nicks and cuts (still happens, I’m terrible with a razor).

11. Consonant 20% Clay Exfoliating Bar

  • As you may have seen in my recent post, I’ve been converted to a bar soap girl! This is some seriously amazing stuff and I highly recommend it! It keeps my skin super hydrated but leaves me feeling squeaky clean, definitely a must in my shower!


Well, that’s it! These are the products that don’t leave my shower and I use every day. Do your shower products stay the same or do you rotate? Do you think “What’s in my …” posts really show some tested and true products?