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Consonant 20% Clay Exfoliating Bar


I must say, I never thought I would be blogging about a simple bar of soap – but, this is not any ordinary simple bar of soap! This is Consonant 20% Clay Exfoliating Cleansing bar. Consonant was kind enough to send me some products from their line to test out a while back (I got spoiled!) and included in my package was this unassuming little soap. I’m not really a “soap” person, I much prefer body washes, gels, creams etc. used with a loofah for lots of suds, generally more moisture and exfoliation. Well, somehow Consonant was able to pack all those great benefits into convenient (and all natural) bar packaging, score!


Not only is Consonant an all natural and organic company, they are also Canadian! And on top of that, most of their products are vegan, their packing is recyclable, they are PETA certified, all products are safe for sensitive skin (even babies) and each product is at least 50% organic. Pretty amazing if you ask me. With such high standards you would think this would be some pretty pricy stuff but actually, the prices are very reasonable and when you shop on The Shopping Channel for them, the packages make it an even better value!



Let’s get back to the soap! As you can see it looks like clay. I definitely wondered if washing my body with dirt to remove dirt would be effective… Seems like an oxymoron but I definitely wan’t to give it a shot. If mud and clay masks can deep clean your face, this must be able to deep clean your entire body, right? Right! Not only does this bar leave you feeling super clean, it exfoliates with Manicouagan Clay from Quebec and hydrates with Olive, palm and coconut oils. There isn’t anything harsh or even close to a detergent in this bar so even though it leaves you feeling the same sort of “squeaky” clean, it is anything but drying on the skin. This bar also barely has any scent, just a clean very soft and non-lingering aroma.



Another thing that I thought was a genius idea was to include a little loofah to rest your soap on in the shower. Most soaps end up stuck to the side of the tub or melting away from all the excess water but the loofah sucks the water away from the soap making it last longer. It’s also a hard milled soap so it doesn’t melt away like most other drugstore types.


All in all I think Consonant transformed me into a bar soap girl! I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out, which might be sooner than I think because my boyfriend loves this bar as well!



Consonant 20% Clay Exfoliating Bar
$18.00 CAD
Available at: or The Shopping Channel


 I received this product from the company for consideration. All views are very much my own.