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Cover It All, with Dalton Conceal It Concealer!


Who doesn’t want a full coverage concealer? And who doesn’t want it to feel like nothing at all? Sounds impossible, I know, and I’ve been looking for it for almost a decade! I find with each new product concealer gets better and better and closer to looking natural on the skin but I feel like I just took a leap forward in time with this one! This is Dalton Conceal It Concealer and it. is. a-ma-zing!



Dalton is sold exclusively at The Shopping Channel in Canada and on home shopping networks in the United States. That can always make it a little tricky to choose a shade, but I’m generally “light” and The Shopping Channel has an amazing return/exchange policy so I didn’t hesitate to try this out. My first purchase from Dalton was their Eye Kit and included this concealer, a gel liner, a pointed liner brush and their to-die-for mascara! The second purchase I made was their Complexion kit and included this concealer again, their soufflé foundation, a flat top foundation/buffing brush, a universally flattering blush (no really!), and again, the fabulous mascara. I purchased both as “Today’s Showstoppers” so the value was amazing at under $10 each per product!



I didn’t expect a heck of a lot from this concealer. It looks like a cream foundation and I assumed it would be heavy and thick like other full coverage products. I definitely should learn before I judge a book by its colour! This concealer is super light weight and feels like nothing on the skin but at the same time imparts intense coverage. It comes with an airtight cover between the sponge and concealer – ingenious idea, I don’t know why every company doesn’t do that! She does the same thing with her gel eyeliners which ensure they will never dry out.



This product is huge for a concealer, it comes with 12 grams of product which is regularly what you would receive in a compact cream foundation. Dalton advertises this as a concealer or full coverage foundation so I guess that’s why she made the product so large, as many women probably use this on their entire face (and I wouldn’t blame them!). It sounds like an oxymoron but I’m going to say it anyway, this sheers on seamlessly but gives full coverage. It’s pretty amazing stuff!



This colour matches my skin perfectly, although it might not look that way in the left-hand photo! My hands are darker than my face and the lighting was direct sunlight in the left. It looks much more true to form in the right hand photo (flash), both have a heavy swatch and a blended out section. I hope you can see the texture of it blended out – it isn’t cakey at all and never looks heavy! One downfall of this product is there are only 4 shades available and they cater mostly to light-medium skin tones.

If you check out the Complexion Set and the Eye Kit (doesn’t include the concealer anymore) you will see all the amazing reviews on The Shopping Channel website, and Shopping Channel customers are often brutally honest! I’m so happy that I tried out this line. All their products are top quality and the performance is amazing, I highly recommend checking them out!


Dalton Conceal It Concealer
$26.00 CAD
Available at: The Shopping Channel in Canada, Home Shopping Networks in US