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This Essence Gel Liner is Essential!


I have a problem with eyeliner. I love it, want to wear it and try to wear it almost everyday but it certainly doesn’t get along with my uber greasy eyelids! I’ve been on a fairly unsuccessful hunt for years to find a liner that would last all day without ending up on every other part of my eye but the lash line. I’ve found a few good contenders like Make Up For Ever Aqua Black (too pricy) and Revlon Colorstay (not black enough) but this one blew them out of the water!



The one I’m raving about is obviously Essence Gel Liner in Midnight in Paris (Black). I prefer to use gel liners as opposed to liquid or pencil as I find I can get better control with a brush and a more defined line, from super thin to a thick cat eye you can do it all!



This gel liner has a really unusual texture. I bought this pot quite a while ago and after playing with it and swatting it kind of got pushed to the back of the drawer because of the strange consistency. It’s incredibly creamy and soft, think lip gloss pots, and your brush can sink right into it unlike many of the harder gel liners so be careful! I was looking for a good black liner yesterday to do a cat eye with and found this little guy. I decided to give it an “all day work day” test and see how it held up. Well, not only did it get a full work day, it accidentally got an overnight test as well (oops!) and the results were beyond surprising!



Not only did this last my entire (very hot) work day, it was still on the next morning, and I rub my eyes a lot when I sleep! My mascara was pretty much gone but the liner was still pretty impeccable, I couldn’t believe my eyes (pun intended!). Another great quality is it’s a very rich, very deep matte black. I’ve found some black liners to be too smokey, not black enough for a defined line but this one does the job and does it well! If it were an employee, it would be employee of the month, every month! After I made the above swatch on my hand, I rubbed it has hard as I could and it doesn’t smudge or budge at all! It’s like a tattoo until you take it off. I would have never expected this type of performance from such an inexpensive gel liner! My only wish is that they made more colours because as of now it’s only available in 3 – Midnight in Paris (Black) , London, Baby! (Dark pewter/taupe) and Miami’s Ink (silver). Hopefully they continue to grow the collection!



 Essence Gel Liner – Midnight in Paris (Black)
$3.99 CAD
Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart

Rating – A+