June Glossybox CANADA (2012)


This is technically my first Glossy Box (not counting the PR sample I received a couple months ago!). I was really thrilled with the PR sample – it contained some great stuff like an Essie Polish, Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick and BeautySoClean spray and wipes so I was obviously tempted to start my own subscription! Needless to say, I did.



First things first, the packaging GlossyBox uses is impeccable! It’s so luxe and simple and the boxes can definitely be repurposed. Even the outer shipping box is super cute with the little pink glossy logo plastered all over it.



Well, the inside doesn’t really match the outside. Everything included in this month’s box is drugstore brands, which is contradictory to Glossy Box’s philosophy of “high-end beauty samples”. BUT, I will say that there are 4 full sized products in here and this box’s value goes way beyond the $15 that is charged for it!



The first thing I noticed in my box was a full-sized bottle of Biore’s new Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. This may sound strange but I’m very attached to my cleansers that I currently use. I find they work really well with my skin and don’t plan on changing them any time soon! I also (literally) have a whole drawer full of cleansers that have either come in bundles with other products that I wanted or ones that I’ve used for a week or so and then discarded for a multitude of reasons. I also prefer to use creamy or milk cleansers as my skin gets dehydrated easily. I will probably give this to my boyfriend when his other face wash runs out!



I have naturally wavy hair so anything that can help enhance that, I will try! This is Wella’s Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray. I’m pretty addicted to my Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray but I’ll definitely give this one a fair try because I think it will work well with my hair. I’m not excited about the smell of this one (smells like hairspray) but it is another full-sized product which is great!



Okay, I’m probably the only person who is really excited to find a razor in her Glossy Box, but I hate paying for them! They are incredibly expensive and don’t last very long until they get dull so any free one I can get, I’m happy! Plus, the Venus ones are the best in my opinion! This is obviously full size, I don’t know how you could make a half-sized razor..



These are the smaller samples included in the box. I’m happy with the Neutrogena SPF 55 as they make really good sunscreens that I use everyday, so this will be good to have. I don’t think I will use the Olay Wrinkle Complex as I don’t have any wrinkles, and the Biore Nose Strips don’t work for me.



I saved the worst most questionable for last. Now, I’m all for receiving new shades of cosmetics in beauty sample boxes – you’re being exposed to new things, right? – but this lipstick is pushing those limits. This is the Cover Girl Flip Stick in Minx, a super dark rich brown with a shimmering gold on the other end. You’re supposed to be able to create three looks by wearing each separately or together which is a great idea, just not in eyeshadow-esque colours.



This particular shade may look nice on someone with a much, much, much deeper skin tone than mine. Seriously, if I were to just see this photo I would never in a million years guess that those were lipstick swatches. Do the majority of women wear dark brown lipstick layered with gold? Am I not in on a new trend? Some other girls received a really nice pink duo of this (which I wish I had got) and that would work nicely on a much wider variety of people than this one!


Overall, I’m not particularly happy with this box but that’s just my personal preference. These products are in no way bad and the value of this box is great! I will continue my subscription and hope for some better shades next month!



GlossyBox Monthly Subscription
$15.00 CAD + Free Shipping
Available at: Glossybox.ca