ELF Studio Vs. Essential Tinted Moisturizer


I’m on a tinted moisturizer kick. Well, who isn’t on a tinted moisturizer/BB cream kick these days? With the surge of new formulations hitting drugstores and high end stores I thought I would try out the cheapest of the cheap – ELF, to see how they stacked up! I’m a big fan of Philosophy’s Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer and Joe Fresh Sheer Tint but both are a little more expensive (especially the Philosphy!) so maybe, just maybe, I could find it cheaper.


ELF Essential Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

  • Apricot Beige – $1.00

First of all, strange name. But I decided on this colour because it looked to fall in the “light/medium” section of the (terrible and not accurate at all) swatches. It isn’t a bad match for me actually and isn’t as pink or “apricot” as I had expected. It’s also smaller than I had expected. Being in Canada we don’t have ELF in stores so I didn’t know what to expect but this tube is less than half an ounce. I shouldn’t complain though, it only cost me $1.00 (probably even less because of my discount code).


ELF Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

  • Beige – $3.00

Of course I had to pick up the $3.00 counterpart in order to see which performed better. I was curious if maybe the formulation would be the same just different packaging and a jacked up price (spoken like a true skeptical Beauty Blogger, I know). But they are anything but the same! This one I picked out in Beige (no thanks to the swatches) which is roughly a medium shade… of orange. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a face product this orange! It’s completely un-wearable on me, and probably anyone else who isn’t of Oompa Loompa decent. I still wore it around the house to test out the wear because I shouldn’t disregard it just because of a huge error in colouring – maybe there are better colours?



Apricot beige has a much more neutral undertone, making it very wearable and almost a perfect match for me. I also much prefer the formulation of the Essential Tinted Moisturizer. The Studio version feels greasy, heavy and thick on my skin. I have a fairly normal skin type and don’t get oily but this looked like a grease slick on my face and just got worse as time went on. The Essential version on the other hand looks matte and pretty all day (probably because of the inclusion of Kaolin Clay). Plus it smells really good and the texture is lighter and more blend able. You can kind of tell from the photo that the Studio version looks patchy and a little greasy, whereas the essential glides on seamlessly. For $1.00 this is AMAZING and I would highly, highly recommend. I’ve paid a lot more for a tinted moisturizer to perform this well!




So if you’re looking to try out an ELF Tinted Moisturizer, I definitely recommend starting with the $1.00 essential version, and you probably won’t look back. The coverage is obviously light/sheer but it evens out skin tone and you can always spot conceal imperfections.



ELF Studio & Essential Tinted Moisturizers
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