I’m Having a Spring Fling!

I have been highly intrigued by this season’s (or I guess, last season’s – Spring) pastel shades for eyes! I love pastels and have never worn them on my eyes before but after all the inspiration I’ve seen lately I just had to try some. So when NYX Spring Fling Palette popped up on Hautelook* I knew it was meant to be!

This palette boasts 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 2 lip glosses! Thats a whole lot of spring essentials in one place. I really only purchased this palette for the shadows but have since fallen for the blushes as well. The shadows range from matte to sparkle with most falling in the sheer/shimmery range.

I think every single one of them is gorgeous and the amount of pigmentation and texture makes them completely wearable without looking chalky. The shimmers add a lovely soft glow and brightness to they eyes as well.

Natural Light

These are the shadows from left to right top row, then left to right bottom row. I like how they threw in a dark brown to pair with the softer shadows. The last shade (peachy shimmer – looks orange in the palette photo) is barely noticeable and just imparts a really pretty glow. I like to pair it over top of some of the other shadows to give them more dimension.


This flash photo gives a more accurate representation of what the shadows look like. I love the third (shimmery purple) 7th (shimmery pink) and last (shimmery peach) for everyday!

Natural Light

These are some serious blushes included in this palette. The pigment is intense and my pale skin can’t get away with wearing the bottom shade no matter how much I sheer it out, but the top peachy shade is really, really pretty and different.

The other two shadows (matte black and white) I think were a great addition to this kit! It makes the pastels more wearable to mix and the white gives a good backdrop so the colour appears more true. The downfall of this kit is the glosses, they are very hard and I can’t get them out of the pans to swatch them so they are sort of a waste of space!

I think both blushes would be fantastic on someone with a deeper skin tone, especially since they are so pigmented. I like that the black and white aren’t too harsh but are still pigmented enough to be true black and white shadows.


NYX Spring Fling Palette
$18.00 USD
Available on: NYX.com, Occasionally Hautelook*, Drugstores

Overall Rating: A

  • Shadows: A
  • Blush: B
  • Glosses: C-


*Denotes Affiliate Link. If you purchase using this link I will be awarded with $10 Hautelook Credit.