ELF Studio Powder & Cream Blush

One of my favourite beauty products is blush! I love the pop of colour if can bring to your face and make you look more awake and alive. My mom always used to tell me I needed blush, probably because I’m so pale and look sick without it! So, when I placed my order with ELF, I knew I had to add some blushes.

ELF Studio Powder Blush

  • Pink Passion – $3.00

While I love a hot pink blush, this one is on the verge off too hot pink. It’s very pigmented and matte but can look chalky on the skin if applied too heavily. I can definitely make it work but it takes a little extra effort so it doesn’t scream “BLUSH!” rather than, “Flush!”.

Left: Natural Light Right: Flash

As you can tell in the swatches it leaves a very powdery finish and doesn’t blend all that easily. I have other blushes from the Studio line that are shimmery and they blend out great! I think that 1) this one is just too bright for my fair skin and 2) the matte texture lends it to appear chalky and fake looking.

Studio Cream Blush

  • Flirt – $6.00
Holy pigmentation! This blush is crazy intense and doesn’t really blend down throughout the day. I guess that really is a great thing as it doesn’t fade but it just never looks very natural on me. I think again, this is probably too bright for my skin tone and might work on darker skin. This finishes to a powder, which isn’t my favourite in a cream blush but great for oilier skins. This is definitely a much more workable bright than the powder blush though as its much easier to sheer out. I do like the finish of this on the skin and will definitely buy it in another, more natural, colour.
This blush has the strangest consistency! It feels like play-doh and is kind of spongy – weird!
Left: Natural Light Right: Flash

As you can tell it’s super pigmented, but definitely blends out better to a more believable finish than the powder blush. For $6.00 I think there are better options at the drugstore, like Maybelline Bouncy Blush and Revlon Cream Blush, but if you can get this on sale for half off (like I did) I’d say give it a try!

Overall, the powder blush in Pink Passion is too pigmented and chalky to look natural on skin where as the Cream Blush in Flirt is bright but blend able. Have you tried ELF blushes? What do you think of them?