ELF Lip Swatches (06/24)

Continuing with my ELF swatch fest, here are some lip products I picked up last order! I’ll accompany each with a little review!


Essential Liquid Lipstick – Baby Lips

Essential Liquid Lipstick 

  • Baby Lips $1.00

This is the first Liquid lipstick I’ve tried from ELF and I have to say, I’m a big fan! It’s texture is great, thick but not sticky so it will stay on and it feels moisturizing. The colour of this one is great too, its a bare/pink that just makes your lips look polished.

Essential Hypershine Lipgloss – Bare

Essential Hypershine Lipgloss

  • Bare – $1.00

I quite like this formulation as well! It’s a little bit on the sticky side but nothing annoying. It looks great layered over a nude lipstick and doesn’t add too much shine/sparkle. This is a great alternative if you like Stila Lipglazes, as they are very similar in packaging & texture but 1/18th of the price!

Studio Glossy Gloss – Ballet Slippers

Studio Glossy Gloss

  • Ballet Slippers – $3.00

This gloss has a great texture! Like the liquid lipstick, its thick so it will stay on the lips but not sticky. It’s moisturizing and lasts quite a while. It definitely stands up to any pricier lipgloss and since I generally just lose all mine, I’ll stick with the inexpensive ones! This colour is super cute as well, light baby pink but not too opaque so it’s wearable.

Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15

  • Nice & Natural – $3.00
I love a good lip balm, and I love a tinted lip balm so I’m excited about this one! The texture is super light and smooth and leaves lips feeling really hydrated. The colour is average and doesn’t show up much but it’s supposed to be “Nice & Natural”! I like it as an everyday lip colour but wish it wasn’t in a pot.
Essential Lipstick 
  • Nostalgic – $1.00
I’m not a huge lipstick fan. My lips are constantly WAY too dry for it, making every single one look flaky and gross. So I decided if I were going to try new shades they were going to be $1.00! I like this shade, it’s a great peachy beige that creates a really flattering nude lip (at least on my skin tone – light), especially when layered with Hypershine gloss in Bare. The consistency is like any other lipstick I’ve tried but I don’t have much to compare it to!

Mineral Lip Tint SPF 8

  • Natural – $3.00
Again, I love a good tinted lip balm so I had to try this out! I like the feel, texture and taste (yes, taste) of this balm! The colour leaves something to be desired though. It looks very orange in the tube and swatched but on the lips it doesn’t look like anything. I think in a different colour this would be fabulous.

First photo is with natural light, second is with flash.

Have you tried any of the ELF lip productS? What did you think?