A Fresh, New Subscription Box! (June UmbaBox)

I’m a fan of monthly subscription boxes, well, I’m a fan of the concept. Most of the time they leave me with more to be desired and are usually a little bit of a let down. As a beauty blogger I’ve subscribed to many of the beauty subscriptions available in Canada so when I found this new idea for a subscription box, I knew I had to try it out! This is my June UmbaBoxand in my eyes, it’s revolutionary! There are so many reasons this is a fantastic service so lets get started.


What is it?

This isn’t a beauty subscription box, per se but it could include some beauty related products! UmbaBox contains a new handmade creation every month for $25+shipping, usually from Etsy sellers. If you’re an Etsy fan like I am you will love this box! This is my first box but the other boxes have included such things as homemade (obviously) candles, necklaces, lip balms, cosmetics pouches and hair accessories. I think it’s such an amazing idea to really have no idea what you’re going to get every month! It could be anything!

What did I get?

Candied Flower Lollipops by Aymee

I’m not a big “candy” person, I definitely prefer chocolate but lollipops are my exception. There is a restaurant here in Kelowna that always gives you a handmade lollipop at the end of your meal and I always look forward to them, so to see some hand poured lollipops in my box was so exciting! The flavours are Orange Blossom and Cuban Mojito. I have yet to try them but if they taste as good as they look I’m sure they are excellent!

You can check out her shop, The Candied Flower on etsy.com!

Lucid New York Tiny Circle 14k Gold Filled Necklace

Now this is amazing! A handmade incredibly delicate 14k gold necklace in a subscription box?! I’m a subscriber for life! I’ve been wanting a small circle necklace for I don’t know how long and to find one in my box blew me away – especially in gold! This necklace retails on Lucid’s website for $39.00 not including shipping or tax, and I think that is a deal!

This necklace is so dainty and girly and looks great layered with any other piece. I like mixing metals too so I plan to wear this with silver necklaces I own. This is a piece I can see people never taking off and it becoming a signature – at least that’s my plan! haha

They also included a 20% off discount for Lucid New York and a card with bio’s on each designer. I love that this company focus’s on small up-and-coming businesses and gives them great exposure as well as exposing us, the consumer, to some new and amazing brands! I highly recommend this if you love true surprises without the small sample disappointment!

Where To Buy?

You can purchase a one time box, 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscription to UmbaBox on their website www.umbabox.com. If you are Canadian you may have to contact customer service to sign up as their site doesn’t allow it yet, but don’t worry they do ship up here!

UmbaBox Subscription
Available at: Umbabox.com

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