Time to Get Some Intense Beauty Sleep with Pur Minerals While You Were Out!

I have finicky skin, its just a fact, so when I’m looking for skin care products I have to be pretty picky about what I choose. I know exfoliating is essential for any skin type but those of us with breakouts and extremely sensitive skin (I turn red and get hives at nothing, honestly) may not be able to use traditional methods to get rid of those dull, dead skin cells. By “traditional methods” I mean scrubs, harsh acids and microdermabrasion treatments (either spa or home). So when I found that my skin was really reacting to scrubs and my old glycolic acid treatment I went on the hunt for something new and gentle but still effective.

That’s when I found this dynamic little duo! After searching and searching and researching and researching I finally decided on Pur Minerals While You Were Out Evening Peel and Recovery Serum. This system consists of Sleep It Off and Give It A Rest serums. First, Sleep It Off is the exfoliating serum that you use once a night for 30 days to give skin an intensive, but gentle, resurfacing and uncover bright and glowing skin. It contains Lactic Acid as the exfoliant which is a gentle form of AHA and is also jam packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients like Hylauronic Acid, Peptides and Shea Butter. There is a little tingle when applied to skin but it’s nothing uncomfortable and dissipates within a few seconds. I have found since using this every night, I wake up with super soft and even looking skin! I can’t go a night without it or I really see a difference (not a good one!).

Give It A Rest is the recovery serum that pumps skin full of moisture and calming ingredients like Oat Kernel Extract, Hylauronic Acid and Camomile. If you have sensitive skin, like myself, you can use this serum in the morning to calm skin from the peel the night before. I haven’t had any reaction to the peel like redness or dryness but I still like to use this serum in the morning because it really calms down any redness and leaves skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. You can either use it that way or for 30 days following the first 30 days of your peel.

Both serums are super lightweight and absorb really quickly into the skin. They also feel incredibly hydrating thanks to the very high amount of Hylauronic Acid in each product which binds a ton of moisture into the skin and keeps working for a long period of time.

I’ve honestly never had such great results from a leave on acid peel. I used to use quite an intense Glycolic Acid from Neostrata that didn’t do nearly as much as this duo does! I believe it works so well because not only does it work to exfoliate but it also builds skin back up to really reveal bright and healthy skin. The only problem with this product is I believe it is being discontinued (which is super, super sad) so if you want to give it a try I suggest you grab one, or maybe two, now!

Pur Minerals While You Were Out Evening Peel
$60.00 CAD
Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart

Performance: (5/5)
Natural: (3.5/5)