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Pop those cheeks! With The Balm Frat Boy Blush

As I’m sure you’re all aware, this season is all about Tangerine. It’s everywhere! Clothes, bags, makeup even home accents and accessories. So, it’s no doubt I’ve been trying to incorporate it into my makeup routine and see what I can do to take part in this bright trend. I think the easiest way to include this into anyones routine is in a sheer or bold pop of blush! I have a few in my Tangerine rotation but the prettiest and simplest one to wear as a more coral version from The Balm called Frat Boy.

Although it isn’t a true Tangerine, coral is a close (and less dramatic) alternative to the trend – and equally as pretty! Corals are a perfect mix of pink and orange tones so they are sure to go with every skin tone. This blush is no exception and looks fantastic with (faux) bronzed skin and a neutral eye.

Frat Boy  is semi-matte, you can only see a hint of shimmer in daylight, and extremely pigmented! And I don’t say that lightly. I have fairly light skin (that’s finally getting a little colour!) and in the winter/early spring months this blush is toooooo dark for me. I have to tap it once with a blush brush and then tap it on the back of my hand first to get a sheer wash of colour that doesn’t look garish. It’s pretty intense haha. Now, I can just tap it once and apply but a little, and I mean little, of this goes a long, long way! That is a good thing in a blush because this large pan will last you forever and give you countless days of glowing skin but just be cautioned my fair skinned girls that less is definitely more! And for you dark skinned beauties, this will give you enough colour to make a pop and won’t come off as too sheer, its a win-win!

A quick summary for this blush – incredibly pigmented, blends easily, gives a great pop of colour for a tan and is a true semi-matte coral. I think its a wonderful addition to any blush collection, I know I find myself using it almost everyday lately and slowly my light, shimmery pinks are getting pushed to the back of the drawer. It’s also great for someones first venture into a tangerine/coral blush. Oh, I forgot to mention, this blush also stays put all day and doesn’t wear off like most blushes can! Even on hot, “glowy” days haha.

The Balm Frat Boy Blush/Shadow
$21.00 USD/$24.00 CAD (Roughly)
Available at: Rexall, London Drugs (Western Canada) and The Balm

Performance: (5/5)
Natural: (2/5)