It Was Too Good To Be True – Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel (Update)

Drugstore, Nail Polish, Reviews and Swatches, Revlon / Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I knew it. It was just too good to be true (not that I truly expected it to be true though)! If you read my post a couple days ago on Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel, you would know the hefty claims that this polish had to live up to. Here’s a refresher:

  • 11 day “shatterproof” wear
  • Gel-like Shine
  • Of course, when worn with their Longwear Base & Top coats

I did not buy the base or top coat, I have great ones (Seche Vite as a top coat & Julep base coat) which keep any of my polishes looking great for an average of 5 days. So, I figured if even my most inexpensive nail polishes could last that long with my base/top coat combination, this longwear polish should last even longer! I was clearly wrong in my thinking.

As you can see after only 3 days of wear this polish began to chip and fade! Notice the difference between my index/middle finger and my ring/pinkie fingers. That isn’t due to the photo, you can see that plain as day in real life.

Not only was this polish disappointing in wear, it also was a pain to apply due to its incredibly goopy and thick texture and didn’t provide any shine at all, even after I applied my top coat. The only plus on this polish is the colour, I do love it – except it faded, so I’m not sure this polish really has any pluses. A dissapointing day for nail polish, maybe my Julep box will come to the rescue today!


  • Thanks for the info!  I definitely won’t buy this now.  Also waiting on a Julep box….hopefully soon.

    • Haha me too, I don’t think it will be soon though, maybe another week and a half… They take forever!

  • I heard on some blogs and yt videos that these polishes work way better with the top/base coat Revlon produces – not sure why though. I love the shade, but that’s a shame you have to invest in their other products to get it’s full effect. They should offer starter packs of top, base and a color to start out with.

    • I believe that it would work better with their specific base and top coat but I’m not going to shell out $8 for the polish, $8 for the top coat and another $8 for the base coat – I could get a professional manicure for that! A starter pack at a cheaper price would be a good idea though 🙂

      • Desertnails8

         I found it at Walmart for $4.97 – yippee!

  • Desertnails8

    I got the base coat and topcoat and Spanish Moss (an army green) and it did last over a week without any chips.  I did get tipwear and could have worn it longer but I wanted to put on a Valentine’s Day mani. I’m super impressed with it.  Since then I’ve tried their base & topcoats but with a different brand color coat and that mani is lasting very well.   Supposedly it cures/hardens with exposure to sunshine.  I live in Arizona and the day after I paint my nails I make a point to sit in the sun for a few minutes (or just let my fingers get in the sun at a stoplight).  So, I think you might want to try it with their base & topcoats and then get some sun exposure because maybe your mani didn’t harden because of lack of exposure to the sun and lack of use of the base & topcoats.  Good luck!

  • Guest

    I use the base coat then OPI two coats and then one coat of the top coat and have had no issues with chipping.  I just love the product!  Plus it comes off easily with nail polish remover, no soaking like gels.  My nails are so much healthier using Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish. 

  • Ccmarshall22

    I was a huge fan of Revlon’s 10-day nail polish because it lived up to it’s hype. I was shocked when they discontinued that line and scoured the internet looking to buy up all I could. I was thrilled when they came out with an 11-day, thinking they had improved on the old product. What a disappointment. Even using the base coat, color and top coat, the polish lasts maybe 3 days. What a rip off. Whatever genius thought that one up should be fired. Also,the colors don’t make any sense. I like a French manicure and none of the colors can give me that.