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Marcelle AC-Solution Imperfection Corrector – Did it work for me?

It’s true that I haven’t done a skin care post in quite a while. This has been due to the fact that around early January I started a whole new skin care routine complete from the cleanser to the moisturizer. I have always suffered with minor, usually monthly breakouts of two or three spots which isn’t bad by any means but wouldn’t we all rather have none? So I set out to find my solution to clear, healthy and radiant skin.

One of the products that has played a huge role in my skins recovery is Marcelle AC-Solution Imperfection Corrector. Since I do only deal with minor and infrequent breakouts a spot treatment is all I need for those pesky spots.

Over the years I’ve tried an uncountable amount of spot treatments to deal with my breakouts (haven’t we all?) and nothing helped. I would wake up in the morning and they were all still there, same size, same redness, same pain-in-the-butt. So with my past experiences tagging along, I reluctantly ┬ápicked up this treatment (which I had had my eye on before) and luckily, it was on sale.

This little package touts a clear fluid with a brush applicator for precise application onto each blemish. The formula includes alcohol (for disinfecting), glycolic acid (for exfoliating), salicylic acid (for exfoliating) and aloe for soothing. These are all essential elements for fighting blemishes.

The first thing I noticed about this liquid is it leaves a sheen on the face. Based on that fact I would tell you only to use it at night unless you want your blemishes highlighted by what looks like beads of sweat… Not the most attractive look going. It seems to form a sort of film, or seal over the blemish – which I like because I know the ingredients are staying where they need to be. This product also gives a tiny bit of a tingle but nothing intense or that I felt the need to get off my face. It also has a fairly moderate alcohol scent to it but it dissipates quickly after application.

I notice the size and redness of my blemishes decreases overnight when I use this product. It isn’t anything miraculous as if I have perfect skin when I wake up but it is beyond what I expected from an anti-acne treatment. I honestly, being as jaded by acne treatments as I am, didn’t expect any change to my blemishes in the morning but to my pleasant surprise I saw one! I made sure to test this out on different blemishes, in different areas and on different kinds of spots to make sure it wasn’t a one-time-fluke. I noticed improvement on every blemish I applied this to!

Note that everyones skin reacts differently to every product. Just because this worked for me does not mean it will work for everyone. It does, however, contain ingredients known to work well at reducing blemishes and therefore gives you a good chance that it will work!

Marcelle AC-Solutions Imperfection Correction
$7.99 (Roughly) CAD
Available at: Drugstores (Canada)