Drugstore First Look Nail Polish Revlon

First Look: Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel

Who doesn’t want their nail polish to stay on longer? Well, unless you’re like me and get sick of the colour after a week and want to change it. Regardless we all want our polish to look lovely while it is on our nails with no chipping, cracking or peeling. And that’s exactly what Revlon is offering with their Longwear ColorStay Nail Enamel. To quote it gives, “shatterproof colour for 11 days.” That is some big talk for nail colour to last that long, especially if you’re doing things that normal people do like washing dishes, opening things, and well, really just using your hands in general. So, I’m putting it to the test.

I put this on yesterday and took this picture. My first thoughts are it’s hard to apply, thick and gloopy. The brush is wide which I like but if the product is thick not even the best brush is going to make it apply any better. So there is downfall one. Downfall two occurred when it turned semi-matte within seconds of application. Revlon says it provides, “gel like shine”, but I don’t see it. Even after applying a coat of Seche Vite it doesn’t look shiny and that stuff has shine. (By the way I dropped my bottle of Seche Vite on my table today and broke the bottle!) But, it isn’t all bad. The colour is great, I’m in love with this vibrant bubblegum pink and it is on its second day (and two full dishwashings with no gloves) with no signs of chipping. So if it can live up to its no chip claims, I’ll be willing to look the other way on some of its other issues.

I picked the shade Passionate Pink┬ábecause it’s different than a lot of pinks I own. It’s bright but light (shade wise) which I love. So, we will see how this goes. Wish me luck!