Protection for Precious Pouts With Marcelle Climatik Outdoor Lip Balm

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Hey everyone and welcome to the new Cosmetically Curious! This is my first real post since moving and I love all the new options I have over here on WordPress, it’s always exciting to learn new things! So today I have for you Marcelle’s Climatik Outdoor Lip Balm SPF 30. 

I’ve been eyeing this baby up for a while and it happened to be on sale at Rexall the other day so I snatched one up right away. I’m constantly looking for a moisturizing lip balm that has a high sunscreen rating. I have an issue with my lips becoming sunburnt even when it isn’t very sunny outside and in winter. I previously used Nivea’s Sun Protection lip balm but it always left a white cast behind and wasn’t very moisturizing but I continued to use it for the sun protection.

This balm comes in stick form (my favourite for on the go, no one wants to stick their fingers in a pot of lip balm when they are out and about!) with a handy little push-up slider and no cap. The slider instantly brought to mind me fumbling with my lip balm while snowboarding (usually on the chairlift) and debating whether or not to take off my gigantic mittens. “Is lip balm really worth me turning my hands into icicles?” is a common thought. But now I no longer have to choose between icicle hands and chapped lips!

It also has an angled tip for easier application. This balm does not leave a white cast on your lips even with the high SPF and leaves them feeling super soft and moisturized. It also gives a bit of a sheen, which I like. This balm is going to be a permanent staple in my car/purse/snowpants from now on. It gives me the ease of one handed application, no cap to lose (yes, I do lose caps) and an SPF all in one convenient little stick!

I hope Marcelle keeps these around as I have a new love for them and they would be just as fantastic for summer as they are for winter!

 Marcelle Climatik Outdoor SPF 30 Lip Balm

$7.99 CAD (Roughly)

Available at: Drugstores (Canada) & Marcelle





  • Oo! Interesting! 🙂

  • Lisa R.

    I remember when… I wanna say Blistex came out with a lid that had a hinge so you could flick it open, but sometimes I would use it so much I would break the plastic hinge.  That was years ago though, don’t even know if that is still around (can you tell I have one lip balm and stick to it).  However, I love lip products that have SPF in them.  Have you tried this with then applying lip gloss/stick over top?  If so how did it go?

    • Hi Lisa! I actually haven’t tried this under lip gloss or lipstick. It isn’t very slick though so I feel like it would make a pretty good base!