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Is Everything Really Better with Butter?

Good morning everyone!
It is a glorious wintery day out there – if by glorious you think of -15°C with a wind chill of -20°C and a winter storm warning for 10-15 centimetres of snow and a car that won’t start no matter how many times you jump it… Anyway back on track! Today I have a review of a lip product, namely Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake. I know many beauty bloggers hauled this product, picking up on every shade, believe me I was tempted but I just don’t trust lip products because I rarely, rarely love them. So, I decided to pick up just one and test it out.

First off, I love the packaging. Very luxe & expensive looking with the signature “quilted” case of Colorburst products. The cap stays on tightly (as to not fall off in your purse) and the caps give a fairly accurate description of what colour is inside. If you are someone who has many of these it would make it super easy to find the shade you were looking for! I also like the angled tip, as it makes for much easier application, especially in a rear view mirror (not while driving I promise!).

I selected Strawberry Shortcake because of its neutral, medium pink. I figured it would be great for everyday wear and didn’t want to select anything darker as I didn’t know what the pigmentation pay off would be like. This one has a hint of shimmer in it but definitely nothing noticeable on the lips. You can also tell which shades have shimmer by the cap – ones with shimmer will have, you guessed it, shimmer in the lid!

The pigmentation pay off is actually a lot more than I expected! I would say these are much more close to a moisturizing lipstick than a tinted lip balm. I love the colour of this one once applied, it’s a really flattering pink that I think most skin tones could wear. If you were to only pick up on one of these I think this would be a good option.

Now for my personal experience with the product. I expected more. These aren’t very moisturizing, at least not for me, and I will definitely require a balm underneath when I wear this. Having said that, I do like them as a moisturizing lipstick and will definitely wear it, it just wasn’t what I expected. I wanted a super rich balm with just a hint of colour and that isn’t what I got. The term “lip butter” makes me think of my Korres Lip Butter (which is amazing) and I definitely prefer those for a tinted lip balm. If you want a moisturizing lipstick or your lips don’t need a lot of hydration I would definitely pick up on this. I don’t by any means not like the product it just wasn’t what I had anticipated. I may even buy another one because when I do wear lipstick I like it to be sheer and moisturizing!

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter – Strawberry Shortcake
$9.00 (Roughly) CAD
Available at: Drugstores

What did you think of these lip butters? Did you expect more or where they everything you wanted?