Canadian Eyeshadow Reviews and Swatches Vasanti

When in Rome, definitely do as the Romans do! Especially if it involves a trip to the Colosseum!

Good morning everyone!
This Vasanti kick I’ve been on has been a tough one to break. With all the great products I’ve won and their quality blowing me away I’ve got to share them with all of you! So, as you may have heard I won a prize pack from Vasanti over Christmas that included their Brazilian Bronzer, Vitamin E infused Lip Shine, this eyeshadow duo and their Brighten Up! Enzymatic Microdermabrasion. 

To be completely honest with you all, I wasn’t jumping with joy to open their Silky Eyeshadow Duo. I own about a million and never use any (I generally stick to black eyeliner & mascara for everyday) so this was the product I was least enthused about.

I opened it last expecting some strange colours that I would never wear like bright blue & green or pink & purple – what colour would a Colosseum be anyway? Well, after opening the box I was initially pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous packaging these eyeshadows come in.

A gorgeous, sturdy silver case with a flip top lid? How vanity worthy! I want a collection of these just for display purposes alone. I don’t want to put this in with my other eyeshadows in fear of it becoming scratched or damaged. I think it’s already earned a “stay out” spot.

AND not only is the outside gorgeous but there is a large mirror inside paired with a couple of amazingly shimmery and soft eyeshadows. I was thrilled to see these shades as I’m always looking for a delicate neutral eye that I can do everyday or a shimmer shadow to add to my basic black eyeliner look.

So to answer my own question I guess the Colosseum is a mixture of golden flecked ivory and shimmering rose gold? All I know is if it looks as good as these shadows, I want to see it! Could there be a better neutral pair?

Now, I will say these shadows aren’t incredibly pigmented, but they also probably shouldn’t be. I see them as more “enhancing” shades than stand out shades. Something for the brow bone or a sheer wash of colour. They are shimmery without being over the top and do stay true to the colours in the pan. They are incredibly soft and wear well throughout the day without creasing (I use an eyeshadow base, usually NYX). I use the rose gold shade all over my lid then the ivory shade on the brow bone and tear duct. The rose shade gives a warmth to the eye and a little depth, while the ivory makes everything it touches stand out.

As you can see, once again, this whole kit is super co-ordinating. All the colours I received are amazing for creating a soft, bronzy, glowing look without being overly done. All together these look pretty great (will have to do a FOTD). I’m looking to pick up some more of these shadows, I think they may make it into my everyday routine – I know this one already has! I haven’t stopped wearing it since the day I got it. It adds a little something extra to my basic eye and also adds a little light. My next choice is definitely Eiffel Tower – two gorgeous matte shades.

Vasanti Silky Eyeshadow Duo – Colosseum
$20.00 CAD
Available at: Rexall & Vasanti

Have you tried Vasanti’s eyeshadows? What do you think of them?