Canadian Lipgloss Reviews and Swatches Vasanti

I’m going on a trip… To Vasanti’s “North Sea”

Hey everyone!
As you may have read in my previous Vasanti post, I was lucky enough to win a gift set over the Christmas holidays filled with Vasanti goodies from my local Rexall. The set included their Brazilian Bronzer, Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow Duo and Brighten Up! Microdermabrasion Enzyme scrub. Today’s post is dedicated to the lip gloss.
I must be honest, I’m very picky about my lip glosses. I hate the feeling of having sticky, heavy or tacky “goop” on my lips, mostly because my long hair always gets stuck in it and partially because it makes me ¬†lick my lips and rub them together incessantly. Needless to say many lip glosses fall into the category of sticky and thick so I was skeptical about trying this gloss.
I was also taken aback by the colour when I pulled the gloss from the box. I thought, “A shimmering nude, brown? I don’t know about this.” Being so pale it’s really easy for a colour like this to wash me of any colour I may have had. Of course I instantly applied this in my rear view mirror while leaving Rexall because, well, don’t we all?
This gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator (which I prefer to brushes, less messy in my opinion) that really grabs a lot of product, making “double dipping” not necessary. The gloss also looked a lot lighter on the wand than it did in the tube, which made me a little less uneasy. I slathered it on my lips and stared in my rear view mirror with a grin on my face. To my surprise this gloss wasn’t sticky or tacky but smooth and light feeling! The colour was also very sheer so it gave me a great glossy shimmer and a touch of nude without being over powering or washing me out!
I actually have to say I love this gloss. After being disappointed by so many others I’m so pleased I found a good one! And the colour is great and since it is sheer, would work on any skin tone for a glossy shine or as a finishing touch over a nude lipstick. As you can see, it goes great with their Brazilian Bronzer¬†(swatched below) for a beachy, tanned goddess look. Not only are these glosses great in colour and texture but they are loaded with Vitamin E and other antioxidants to keep your lips protected.
I would highly recommend these glosses if you don’t like sticky and thick but want a great sheer wash of colour. I definitely want to try this gloss in more shades and will be picking some up soon, I’m thinking I want to try Caspian Sea and Java Sea next, what do you think?
Thank you Vasanti for making me believe in lip gloss again!

Vasanti Vitamin E Infused Lip Shine – North Sea
$15.00 CAD
Available at: Rexall & Vasanti