Drugstore Lip Balm Maybelline Reviews and Swatches

Can Maybelline Give You Baby Soft Lips?

Good Morning!
It’s a super sunny day out here in western Canada but that always makes me forget just how cold it’s going to be outside! In this cold weather and intense inside heat I feel like there’s absolutely nothing out there that can heal and soothe my dry chapped lips. So I’ve been picking up every lip balm, butter, gloss I see in hopes that one will be able to handle my Canadian winter lips.

In my search I obviously (as a beauty junky) picked up on one of these new Maybelline Baby Lips balms. As I’m sure most of you know these come in a variety of colours along with a couple different clear shades, I picked up on the unscented clear one so I could wear it all the time. Plus, any colour on my lips when they are chapped just makes them look more horrid than they already do!

I think the packaging of these balms is really cute with the chunky lettering and bright colours, although I find that the clear lid can pop off in my purse sometimes which makes me nervous. I generally keep it in my jacket pocket to avoid it becoming infested with crumbs or pennies from the bottom of my purse.

These balms have a fairly large, rounded applicator that is good for covering the entire lip area easily. There’s a lot of product in the tube and at only around $4, they are a good value. BUT, I don’t like the formulation. I’m not going to say these are a bad lip balm product and the coloured options are probably great for people who don’t have severely chapped lips like me.

Again, these aren’t bad and they do provide hydration it just isn’t enough for my super dry lips. I will probably find myself using these in the summer for lighter hydration and a hint of colour but for right now they just don’t do enough for me. If you live in a warmer climate or only need a lighter hydration from you lip balm or even a balm to put under your lipstick I would recommend these but if you’re suffering with chapped, peeling and chronically dry lips these aren’t going to cure them.

*Sigh* so my search for an ultra hydrating lip balm continues! So far my favourite lip balm of all time and the only one that can provide any relief for my chapped lips is Korres Lip Butter in Guava (click to see my review). I’ve gone through 3 in the past year and they hold a lot of product! The reason i am still on the hunt is because the Korres ones come in a pot and I hate putting my finger in a pot when I’m out and about.

Maybelline Baby Lips – Clear
$3.98 CAD (roughly)
Available at: Drugstores

Have you tried these lip balms? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments!