First Look Julep Nail Polish Subscription

Cocktail Hour! Anyone for a Mint Julep?

Morning all!
After what seemed like ages of waiting (it wasn’t even that long, standard shipping time) I finally received my first Julep Maven box! If you love nail polish as much as I do, you know this is an extremely exciting event!
What is Julep Maven?

If you haven’t heard of Julep Maven, it is Julep Nail Polish’s monthly subscription service that sends you $40 worth of product for only $19.99 per month. A pretty amazing deal considering you get two full sized polishes plus another gift each month! And if that deal isn’t goo enough for you, they are also offering a $0.01 box and a $5.00 first timer box! Just click the links below to use the coupon codes and sign up! You can cancel anytime so there’s no commitment – a no brainer if you ask me!
What did I get?

Firstly, I am so happy with the adorable (and thoughtful) wrapping! Everything is wrapped in bubble wrap as well as having protective stuffing so there is no chance of anything becoming damaged! Plus, there is a cute little ribbon and a note inside.
When you sign up for the site you take a quiz to determine what types of polish colours would be right for you. Mine turned out to be “American Girl” which is a pretty accurate description of my nail polish style – fairly classic but sometimes out of the box!
The first item I pulled out of the box was this set of nail polish remover pads. What a great little thoughtful add-in! Who wouldn’t want to immediately take off their existing nail polish to try their new shades? So these were a great find!
I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of these colours when I saw them on the site. I’m not usually a purple sort of gal (unless it’s a super dark purple) but I decided, “Hey, what the heck! Let’s try something new!” and I’m so glad I did! These are gorgeous shades, and even more gorgeous when applied! (Of course I got this box yesterday and my nails are already painted the bright purple haha)
Anne – “Ultra Saturated, Tropical Violet Creme”
Maria – “Shimmering Platinum Rose”
I can’t do a full review of the polishes yet because I’ve only had “Anne” on for one day but I can tell you that they are exceptionally true to the colour in the bottle!
The “extra” product in the December box was this Pomegranate Body Scrub. Not only does this smell amazing, it is super hydrating and contains tons of skin soothing oils! I’m going to keep this beside my skin and use it as a hand scrub to keep my hands soft and velvety!
It’s much creamier than most scrubs I’ve seen. Great for winter and keeping in the hydration while you exfoliate.
As an added “Welcome” bonus I received Julep’s Nail Therapy. I was so excited to find this in my box! I love nail treatments and this one can also be used as a base coat to keep your nails strong and hydrated while you’re wearing nail colour!
Overall ladies, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I got this box for only $0.01 and look at everything I got. Having seen this box, I won’t mind paying the $19.99 per month because I honestly think it’s completely worth it!

Julep Maven Box
$19.99 per month
Available at:
Do you guys have a subscription to Julep Maven? Or have you tried their polishes? Will you sign up? Let me know in the comments below!
PS: My kitten’s loved the stuffing…