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[REVIEW] Consonant Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream

Hey everyone,
Today I’m doing a review of Consonant’s Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream.  

I’m so excited to share this review with you, almost as excited as I was to receive this amazing product! As you may know, one of my New Years Resolutions is to go more natural (and organic) with my skin care routine – so this product is a “natural” fit. (Ha, that was a terrible pun but I had to!)
Consonant Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream is an amazing mixture of butters, oils and organic extracts formulated to firm, moisturize and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Now, being 23 I don’t have a lot of need for a “firming” eye cream but I do believe in good preventative skin care and am always looking for an amazing eye moisturizer – as I have extremely dry skin around my eyes. This eye cream includes some amazing moisturizers like shea butter, vitamin E and many, MANY different oils.
This eye cream works amazingly for me! It gives me fantastic moisture around my eyes that doesn’t dissipate during the day (even hours later I can feel the hydration around my eyes!). My eyes also look brighter, more rested and my dark circles are less noticeable.
This cream also has some other things going for it. First, it comes in an airless pump – in my opinion the BEST kind of packaging to keep ingredients stable and dispense the right amount every time. It is also an all natural and organic way to look after your delicate eye area and can be used all the way up to the lash line because it is so gentle. The smell is also great – the only way I can describe it is “real”.  It smells like natural ingredients that haven’t been tampered with or masked by any synthetic fragrance.
This cream is ultra rich but sinks into the skin in seconds, resulting in a great base for eye make-up or eye primers.
I have to say, it’s no wonder this cream won Chatelaine’s Canadian Star Product award last year. It’s an outstanding eye cream, all natural and organic and delivers results. What more could you ask for?

Consonant Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream
$36.00 CAD