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New Years Resolutions

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog readers! I’m a little late with this posting but hey, better late than never. I’m not a big believer in New Years Resolutions as I tend to break them and that doesn’t do good things for my self-esteem so my solution is just not to make them haha (not sure which is worse?). But, having said that I’ve decided to make a few small ones that I know I can probably stick to in the new year! So, without further a-due, here they are:
1. Develop a more natural skin care routine
The past few weeks I have been reading a lot about what we put on our skin and how it affects the rest of our body. We don’t really think about it because mostly, we tend to believe that what we put on our skin stays on our skin, but that isn’t the case. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies. Therefore, I’ve decided to incorporate more natural and organic products into my skin care routine. I like using natural products and own quite a few so this won’t be too hard or too much of a change. I just want to be more conscious of it. I will do an updated skincare review in the coming month.
2. Blog more consistently
I love blogging, I don’t know why I don’t do it on a more regular basis. It’s not because of lack of time or lack of interest, I just don’t do it. It could be because I hate taking the photos for it because they always end up making me frustrated – lighting, exposure, shaky hands… you name it haha. I’m going to force myself to do more this year and incorporate Face of the Days and product reviews as well as giveaways and fun stuff!
3. Sticking with my skin care routine
If you read my bad beauty habits post, you know I’m terrible for washing my face at night. That means I’m also terrible for using my treatment products! This year I resolve to wash my face every night (mostly) and use my treatment products in order to see the results I want!
Okay, lets limit this to 3 resolutions, that seems overwhelming already! haha I feel like I can at least have some hope of sticking to these (at least for the short term) and hope I can continue them all year!
Do you have any New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the Comments!
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