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My Biggest Beauty Faux Pas

We all have our beauty faux pas – you know, things we know we shouldn’t do but do them anyway? I have quite the list and I feel as though with New Years coming up, now would be a great time to try and stop some of these beauty bad habits. So, here is a list of things I do and know I shouldn’t and how I’m going to try to correct them now and into the New Year. I know you will all be able to relate and I’d love to know your lists as well.
1. Going to bed with my makeup on – I used to be really good about not doing this and I take every precaution not to (example, having cleansing wipes beside my bed so I have no excuse not to take off my makeup!) but I still end up going to bed without doing it. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and not for the better because of this so I must must MUST change this one!
What to do: I think for this one I will need reminders, I’m going to write it on my calendar so I have to look at it and remember. I’m also going to “reward” myself if I do it everyday for a month (not sure with what yet haha)
2. Not using hand cream or cuticle treatments – I never use hand cream, ever. It’s a bad habit that I can get away with in the summer but not the winter. My cuticles are ragged and my hands are dry and my nails aren’t growing well and are splitting and peeling.
What to do: For this one, I’m going to keep hand cream in my purse, on my night stand and in my bathroom. I figure if I see it all the time I’ll apply it all the time – like lip balm. Plus, I’ll use ones that I love the smell of to make it more enticing.
3. Taking hot baths – I love sitting in a hot bath for as long as I can, especially since it has gotten so cold out! I’m up to almost everyday and that is so bad for my skin and I’m feeling itchy and tight.
What to do: Since I know I won’t stop taking baths, I’m going to use a bath oil and hydrating body cream as soon as I get out of the tub to help limit the moisture loss. Also, I’ll shorten them a bit.. just a bit.
4. Not wearing sunscreen every single day – I know the importance and I’m usually pretty good about it. All my foundations contain sunscreen but on days when I don’t put a lot of makeup on I tend to forget. I have a great sunscreen that I like to wear I just need to get back in the habit!
What to do: This one is like washing my face every night. I’m going to write it down and give myself a treat if I do it everyday for a month. The treat will actually be my skin looking and feeling better but something else couldn’t hurt!
5. Washing my makeup brushes – This is a two-fold problem. I am so lazy about washing my brushes (don’t worry they are only used on me) and therefore I use my hands to apply a lot of my makeup. Both are bad habits that I need to break. If I get in the habit of washing my brushes, I can get in the habit of touching my face less and hopefully having a clearer complexion.
What to do: I’m going to be realistic with this one and say I’ll deep clean my brushes once every 2 weeks to a month (depending on how much I use them) and spot clean them every time I use them with a daily brush cleaner. That should help both problems.
So everyone those are my biggest beauty blunders! I’m sure there are many more but those are the ones I really need to change. What are some of your beauty bad habits? Let me know in the comments section or do a post about it and send me the link!