Colbert M.D. Exfoliants Reviews and Swatches Skin Care

Colbert M.D. – Intensify Facial Discs

Happy Sunday ladies! I hope you are all having a relaxing day! I’m stuck in my house because of the huge amount of snow that hit Calgary yesterday and has kept up today – Boo! (I’m not actually stuck I just don’t want to go outside haha) So, today I decided to give my self a little at-home facial and relax. As I was doing my facial, I realized I hadn’t told you all about this amazing little product, so here it is!
These are Colbert M.D. Intensify Facial Discs. I hadn’t heard about this brand until recently (I had heard about the Doctor himself but didn’t know he had skin care products). The lovely team over at Colbert M.D. sent me these discs in consideration of a review and I must say I am incredibly happy to review them!
Colbert M.D.’s philosophy is simple – “Daily Nutrition for the Skin in three easy steps” (this is an extra step, so the fourth). The products promote the natural healing and repairing process to get your skin back in tip-top shape. I will tell you I haven’t been using these in conjunction with the other Colbert M.D. samples – I have just been using them with my current skin care routine.
First, these come in a luxurious glass jar. I love it when packaging is pretty and simple enough to leave out on my counter or vanity! These pads are a combination of enzyme exfoliation and “microdermabrasion” – double the benefit! They contain Bromelain (pineapple enzyme to break down dead skin cells) and Lactic Acid which is a gentle natural exfoliator. I love the idea of having two different types of exfoliation in one simple step! Personally, I feel like my skin doesn’t exfoliate itself as much as it should – I always have clogged pores and dull skin so I live for exfoliating products! These pads are also super simple to use, you just take one out, gently rub it on your face for 60 seconds, rinse and your done!
I had to show you this picture even though it is really gross! These are the pads before and after use (left – before, right – after). The most impressive part is that this is after 60 seconds of use on cleansed skin! And when I say cleansed, I mean cleansed! I hadn’t worn makeup in two days and had used my Clarisonic skin care brush a total of 4 times before using this pad (once immediately before)! Those are all dead skin cells! Yuck! But wow, this really does show how effective these are!
These also have a cute little design where there is a tab on the back so you can get a good grip and really exfoliate the face with no problems! These discs are amazing! My skin feels so smooth after I use these and stays smooth for days afterwards (which is pretty rare for me)! So far, I’ve been using these about 2 times per week (you can use them 1-3 times per week) and it works perfectly for me! Another great thing about these is they cause no irritation whatsoever and you cannot “feel” the exfoliation as it’s occurring! I know I’ve used many different Glycolic & Lactic treatments that really irritated my skin and made it super red and sensitive afterwards so I was so glad to see that my skin was not irritated or red at all after using these!
I am incredibly impressed with these – this is one of those products you discover and never want to be without again! (Which may be a problem for me because they are pricy and I may never be able to afford them again haha) These are $52 USD for 20 pads but trust me, they are worth every penny! I can’t say enough about these, if you need an exfoliator, you need to try these pads you will not regret it!
I’m looking forward to trying out my other samples after having such success with these! 🙂