Cake Dry Shampoo Hair Care Reviews and Swatches

Cake Beauty – Hair & Body Powder

Good afternoon ladies! (I almost said Good Morning – not quite lol) I’m so glad I’m getting back into posting everyday, I have so many items backing up in my “to blog about” drawer that it needs to be emptied – and quick! So today I’m reviewing one of my new favourites that I was SO excited to find at my local Winners store for only $9.99!
This is Cake Beauty’s Satin Sugar Hair & Body Powder. Now, if you are like me and have a darker hair colour (mine is a medium/dark brown) it is next to impossible to find an affordable hair powder in a dark shade (in Canada – we don’t have the Batiste Brunette). I have been on the search for a good hair powder for a good year now and tried MANY along the way. Personally, I hate to wash my hair (sounds gross haha) but my hair is so thick and long that it takes me forever to wash it, forever to condition it and FOREVER to blowdry/style it! I don’t have the time or patience for that so hair powder is my best friend! A few I tried before this include Batiste Original, CLEAN Hair Powder and Tresemme Clean Start. All of them either looked white in my hair or didn’t do the job well enough so I was on the hunt for a darker coloured hair powder and finally I found one!
Here you can see that this powder isn’t necessarily dark in colour but its dark enough to not leave behind that whitish/ashy cast that lets people know that you have put powder in your hair! This powder also smells SO good! Its incredibly light and fresh in scent and the Cake website describes it as “Baked Lemon Sugar” – which is the perfect description because I could not put my finger on it! This is a great alternative to more expensive hair powders that retail for $33+ in salons *Cough Cough* Bumble&Bumble! haha
I also love that this can be used as a body powder as well! When I first picked it up, I Tweeted about how excited I was and the Cake Beauty Twitter team responded saying it was also Talc Free. I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know why Talc would be a bad thing so if you know why, please let me know down below! This powder is extremely light weight and practically disappears when applied to the skin or hair and leaves no residue or colour. This has a sifter top or a pour top so you can get out as much as you would like. I shake it onto my hand first then apply to my hair or body! This powder also does a great job of soaking up all the excess oils in your hair and completely refreshing it! Overall, I’m in love and really hope I can find this again! I’m not sure where you can buy Cake Beauty products regularly so I will have to look into that and try some more products from them! If you can see at the very bottom of the photo this powder is Made In Canada – Yay!
Do you all have some favourite Cake Beauty products? This is my first purchase but I am so happy and would really like to get more into the line! Please leave me your favourites in a comment! 🙂