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Zeno Hot Spot – Review

Hey ladies! Today I have a review that I am really excited to share with you! As you may know from reading previous posts, I purchased the Zeno Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device with my Shoppers Optimum points a few weeks back. I was very curious to see how this little pocket sized gadget would work on my random breakouts so I have been using it as directed for the past few weeks.
First, I’m going to give you a little background on myself and the product. I have oily skin, prone to blemishes (not excessive, more random) of the smaller variety. Those little annoying white bumps or blackheads that are hard to get rid of and hard not to pick at. This device is focused for use on larger, inflamed blemishes with no visible white head. I do get random blemishes like this and they are often very hard to treat and take forever to go away! That is why I bought this, for the random, annoying and difficult blemishes that need extra treatment.
Since I bought this I have only had two blemishes that fall into the aforementioned category. (Wow, writing university papers sure changes the words I use in blog life haha Good word though, I like it!) You are told in the instructions to place the metal tip onto the blemish without applying force and leave it there for the timed two and a half minute treatment (Which is harder than it sounds, two and a half minutes is a long time when you aren’t doing anything else lol)! After that, you leave your blemish alone and hopefully you will see a difference in the next two hours or so (as the package states). If you don’t see an improvement after the two hours, you can use it again for a two minute treatment.
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For my blemishes I only had to use it once on each one. I used it both times at night before going to bed so I can’t say much about the two hour claim. I can however say that my blemishes were either completely gone in the morning or had drastically reduced so that makeup could help the rest! I was shocked and am hoping that these two blemishes were not “flukes” and that it will continue working how it is because the results were fantastic! Another thing I like about this is that its, in a sense, natural. All you are using is heat to help with your blemishes as opposed to harsh chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide (which I have insane reactions to so I can’t use it!) I will admit, I was skeptical when first trying this – who would have thought gentle heat could do so much? Well, it can!I would highly recommend this to anyone that suffers from the occasional difficult blemish that needs extra treatment. If you have moderate acne, I’m not sure if this would be right for you as the Hot Spot only includes limited treatments (80) and if you have many blemishes it may not be as cost effective as other methods.
Zeno has a newer product out called Heat Treat which I am also extremely interested in! It is more of a preventative measure, check it out here. (PS it’s only available for retail in the US – you have to order it online to Canada) I’m really intrigued by this device since I’ve had my success with the Hot Spot, hopefully I will be able to test and review it soon as well (financial situation dependent lol).
Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money – well, own Shoppers Optimum Points haha. I am not affiliated with the company and none of the links are affiliate links, they are only there for your information. I was not asked to do a review of this or any other products mentioned in this post.